Cut, Copy and Paste – Who saved your student life?

Cut Copy and Paste
Cut Copy and Paste

Stop right there and tell me if you have ever used Cut, Copy or Paste. Of course, you did. Who in God’s name wants to write by hand a whole cited paragraph? But do you have any idea who saved our assignments?

Larry Dealer was the man famous for inventing the Cut, Copy and Paste function on computers. Sadly, the computer scientist died.

Having lived to be 74 years old, he was the former Xerox PARC, Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo! employee.

Even if Larry might not have been as famous as other revolutionaries in the technology industry, he helped millions of people around the world with his creation. I can’t imagine how we could have survived without these functions!

I don’t know where would we be without the possibility to cut, copy and paste a text, images, videos or everything else. It would be a lot more harder for girls to send you confessions. Nothing would be the same without this man’s invention. Just imagine, how would your girlfriend send her best friend what you said when you argued?! I know!!! So difficult!

But jokes left aside, these three things are one of the most used and the most helpful functions. Also, their importance is underrated.
And we all have to thank Larry: the hero without Cape!

Nowadays we tend to take all this things for granted and we just expect everything to work properly. But geniuses like Larry Tesler knew that we would need these things way before we even knew what a personal computer was.

So rest in peace, Larry Tesler, you will be remembered!


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