Crisis in UK! Officials deciding on who to save first!

Crisis in UK

A new crisis hit in UK! Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to boost Coronavirus testing efforts after facing a wave of criticism for finding fewer people than other nations at a similat stage of the epidemic.

The number of deaths from Coronavirus confirmed cases reached a new high in the UK on Wednesday. With the latest figures available, officials recorded 569 deaths in one day.

Those deaths came as the British Medical Association (BMA) released new ethics guidelines for physicians. This means that life-saving ventilators are to be removed from older patients, with little chance of survival, so the machines can be offered to healthier patients.

Thursday’s news headlines overturned the government’s failure to test further, even in the British media. “Why mass testing should be our No. 1 priority – and why we stand behind the rest of the world,” said the Telegraph online edition.

A spokesman for the prime minister told reporters on Thursday that a total of 10,412 tests were conducted across the country on Tuesday.

A total of 2,800 National Health Service (NHS) workers have now been tested at leading testing units, Downing Street said.

How can Boris Johnson lead the UK while suffering from coronavirus?

Many health care workers self-isolate after presenting with possible symptoms of coronavirus. However, they may return to work earlier if testing conclude that they are not infected.

The latest figures come eight days after Johnson claimed that the UK had “massively accumulated” its national testing schedule. He also stated that he will continue to increase the number of tests performed each week. The prime minister posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday night lamenting a “sad and sad day”. He was referring to the 563 death of the previous day. He is also self-isolating after testing positive for the coronavirus.

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The Prime Minister emphasised efforts to increase the country’s testing capacity, as well as listing the measures already in place to cope with the pandemic. Mr Johnson urged people to comply with the restrictions currently in place.

“I want to say a special word about testing, because it’s so important and, as I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks, this is the way,” Johnson said. “This is how we will unlock the coronavirus puzzle. That is how we will defeat him in the end. ”

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