Corsica took fire. What are the damages?

Corsica took fire

Corsica took fire. If the Australian fires and the potential wars weren’t enough, 2020 comes up with a new tragedy. A new arson made havoc on Corsica Island, on more than 2400 acres. This fire started because of the Harve winds.

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To extinguish the flames, over 300 people and about 100 vehicles will be mobilized. The smoke has already spread over 186 miles, according to Météo-France. Between Quenza (southern Corsica) and Solaro (highest region), the atmosphere is similar to one out of apocalyptic movies. More than 1,000 households were deprived of electricity, according to EDF Corse.

On the island, the use of fire has been banned since Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

A devastating fire in Corsica

Corsica Island was under an orange code of violent winds on Tuesday. Today, the code is no longer valid, but the wind is still blowing. As a result, this catastrophic fire occurred. There were squalls of 105 mph in the high areas, and of 100 mph in the south of the island.

Many people have denied the negative effects of pollution. Now, no one can ignore them. At the end of last year, a vegetation fire consumed the Amazonian Forest. Siberia and Australia followed. This week, the flames broke out on the European continent.

Global warming is becoming more and more obvious. In the last week, there were temperatures above 50° F in the temperate area, the highest ones, compared to the same period of previous years.

There are more and more reasons to worry. We are waiting for solutions and for a change!



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