Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic

Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has surprised the entire world with its disastrous nature. There is no doubt that life can never go back to normal. One could have never imagined, two years ago, that we would be stuck inside our homes for months on end. The lack of social life and human touch has left ugly scars. If the virus is to disappear, are we ready to go back to our normal lives again?

Life before Coronavirus

Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic
I remember going to music festivals every summer, that was the thing I was looking forward to the most after my exams. Everybody was lively, energetic, full of enthusiasm, and eager to make new friends. I met lots of people that are still in my life today. The atmosphere was unreal and I used to love dancing in the animated crowd with no worries at all.

Going to the cinema used to be my favorite thing to do. I am a big fan of horror movies so I would persuade all of my friends into watching them with me. We had to book tickets in advance as they were always sold out.

Life during the lockdown

Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic

I can still remember the day we found out about the first Coronavirus case. Two of my friends and I were in History class and we read about it on Instagram. Things seemed to be taken as a joke and no one was even slightly panicked or uneasy. A few weeks after this, the situation got out of control. The number of cases was growing daily, and so were the deaths. In less than three months Romania reported the first case. People were starting to gather supplies and prepare for the worst.

The three months I spent indoors stimulated my personal growth. I got in shape, read most of the books that I’ve always wanted to read, studied for my exams, learned how to bake, and got closer to my parents. We used to have a game night every Sunday and my mom and I would bake cookies when we felt like it.

It can seem like I enjoyed the free time gifted by the Coronavirus, but the reality is that I became sensitive, irritated, and very stressed. I felt trapped and there was nothing I could do about it. I spent my birthday alone, eating the cake I had made, in my room. I dreamt about the last day of lockdown, promising myself that I would make the most out of life. However, that did not happen.

Life at this very moment during the pandemic

Coronavirus: the dreadful, life-changing 2020 pandemic

When I realized that I could finally get out of the house, I planned a gathering with two of my friends. The process of getting ready was not how I had expected it to be. I packed two bottles of hand sanitizers, gloves, and three masks. I was on my toes the whole day and could not shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong. The summer of 2020 was supposed to be one of the most relaxing summers yet, but it was the opposite.
A year has passed since the lockdown and all of us are trying to get back to normal, although it’s a battle.

As time goes by, we are getting used to the current situation and the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to scare us that much anymore, but I am certain that we are all waiting for the day when we can grab our keys, phones, and wallets and leave, instead of the masks and hand sanitizers.

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