Coronavirus, the disease that comes back every 100 years

Coronavirus comes back every 100 years

History repeats or, I’d rather say, history rewrites all the time.

Is it all a coincidence? Or is it done by someone from shadows? Many epidemics took over humanity over the course of centuries, but what’s so strange about this? I’ll tell you… Everything happens once every 100 years! Coronavirus is the epidemic that comes back every 100 years!

In the year 1920, the world was fighting with a spanish epidemic, that started in 1918. It was a disaster. This disease killed between 50-100 million of people.

In 1820, we were shaking in fear because of a cholera epidemic. It made casualties in Asia. This epidemic made a lasting impact. But it is said that after bad, comes good, and the most important consequence was the small moral development. The list of deaths that hit Asia and expanded into Europe could never be established. We can’t just get an idea of the high mortality rate of the epidemic if we keep in mind that 30.000 people died only in Bangkok alone.

Another big coincidence… year 1720. The bubonic plague from Europe devastated the population of the French city, Marseille. This one killed 50.000 people from the city and another 50.000 in the nearby provincies.

Every century, a new epidemic appears, and by looking at these information we can easily conclude that the number of deaths  is only getting bigger.

We cannot foresee what our current epidemic will estimate, but the perspectives are terrifying. According to specialists, the mortality rate in case of the Coronavirus infection is 15%, more than other similar infections, where mortality is only 3%. Besides, this disease can be passed on in the incubation stage, well before the carrier starts to show symptoms.

A lot of people say that this is the way of our planet to reduce the population. On the other hand, others talk about a virus who’s been let loose from the laboratory or made with the intention of reducing the population. Coronavirus is the epidemic that repeats every 100 years!

Author: Lorena Moldovan


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