Coronavirus Response Coordinator: Unclear How Long Immunity Lasts

Coronavirus Response

Dr. Deborah Birx said Sunday on Face The Nation (CBS News) that we don’t know how long people who recovered from the virus will be immune. She is the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.

“In most infectious diseases, except for HIV, we know that when you get sick and you recover and you develop (an) antibody — that that antibody often confers immunity,” Birx said. “We just don’t know if it’s immunity for a month, immunity for six months, immunity for six years” in the case of the novel Coronavirus.

Scientists and researchers still study the effect of giving plasma to sick patients. They also check if it will cause the antibodies in the plasma to give protective immunity, Birx stated. Meanwhile, around the globe, numerous teams rush to create a vaccine with antibodies that are effective. They are testing numerous drugs and treatments to see the Coronavirus response.

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According to an interview with TIME, virologist Vineet Menachery from the University of Texas previously estimated that COVID-19 antibodies will stay in the organism for “two to three years”. This period of time is in relation to other coronaviruses. He noted that it’s too early to know for certain.

Dr. Birx also reinforced the importance of social distancing Sunday on ABC News’ This Week. “We’ve been telling the American people all along that they need to really follow state and local guidelines.” When the host asked her what message she delivers to the protesters, Dr. Birx said: “We’re not only protecting ourselves but we’re protecting each other when we follow the guidelines.”


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