Coronavirus isn’t the only thing you need to worry about!


Until now I hesitated to express my opinion regarding Coronavirus, but now I think it’s too much. Panic, panic and more panic, this is all I see around me. People die from the flu every year and the only ones scared are teachers. And, suddenly, a new disease with a fancier name appears and we all become hypo(crites)chondriacs. But it’s just a simple virus, it can be treated, it’s not an autoimmune disease. Coronavirus isn’t the only thing you need to worry about!

I’m tired of opening my phone and seeing Coronavirus everywhere. I want to read some good news, some constructive research, but the media does the same thing over and over again.

If I open the tv and I’m not hit by uncultured people, by politicians sleeping at work, then I’m hit by Coronavirus. You see everywhere how many people have been affected, how many have died, how many are in quarantine or anything along those lines. I don’t even bother to memorize the numbers. lo and behold, I’m not dead yet!

We are more interested in Coronavirus than we’ve ever been about fundamental things.

I don’t want to exaggerate, but it always happens. Do you know what’s even worst? That we have this bad habit to make a fuss. If we don’t exaggerate, then who? Right now, we know all the symptoms of this virus. We know what we have to do, how to prevent it, what to avoid. What is it good for? As soon as we heard it reached Italy, we all ran to the store, buying every perishable food. Seriously?! What will you do if Coronavirus doesn’t come? You’ll just stay and watch the food while it expires?

It’s called soap. And, it does actually work.

Stop thinking that if you fill your belly it helps you in any way. It’s ridiculous! How did we end up making war supplies because of a virus? What will we do in case of an earthquake? You’ll move to Tenerife? What if World War III breaks out? Let’s be serious.

How did we get here? Now, I won’t say that I’m not afraid that something could happen, but it will pass. We should use the small amount of rationality that we have left. I’m rational enough to not be afraid of going outside without a mask. Rational enough to not fill my kitchen with perishable foods. So… Coronavirus isn’t the only thing you need to worry about, let’s be straight forward.

I’m rational enough to consider going abroad and not be afraid if someone coughs near me. I’m so rational that I can make the difference between what the media shows me or what it’s specifically known.

I frequently see the percentage of people that die from hunger.

People die from hunger, literally. And no one cares about that. We’re used to it, but hey, a virus is something new. So why wouldn’t we panic and be more interested? More people die from hunger daily, for years. They die from hunger, they die from violence and they die from car accidents.

You’re throwing cigarettes in front of me when you have a trash can two feet away from you. But why would you care? There’s an ongoing Coronavirus epidemic.

I see more and more posts about global warming and its effects. I see that people need an “apocalypse” in order to educate themselves about what happens around them. So, my dear, coronavirus isn’t the only thing you need to worry about!

If you want to learn more about this virus, I suggest you read this article!

Authors: Georgiana Badea & Ana Maria Retegan


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