Coronavirus has stopped funerals in China. How far will this tragic story go?


Coronavirus is spreading more and more worldwide. In China, the country where this international panic started, officials are taking drastic measures to protect citizens. What will happen in this devastating story of the Coronavirus epidemy?

A clear procedure has been established to prevent people around the deceased one from becoming ill. A long ceremony with many guests would generate an unjustified crowd. As we know, crowded spaces are perfect for transmitting viruses, especially the Coronavirus, which has caused so much damage. The bodies of the victims killed by the virus will be disinfected by doctors and sealed. Then, they will be picked up by specialized crews in special vehicles, according to the Minister of Public Security. The victims will be transported to the crematoriums and incinerated as soon as possible.

A total of 304 deaths have been reached and the authorities are on alert. The families of the victims are desperate, as they will have no chance to say goodbye. Any ceremony was forbidden, the remains being subjected to procedures by which the epidemic is controlled.

Other ceremonies, such as weddings, were also stopped. Couples were asked to postpone their big day to slow the spread of Coronavirus. It is known to all that a crowded space, such as that of a wedding, where there can even be 500 people in a room, is very dangerous in the situation of an epidemic.

Yesterday, February 2, is considered a lucky one for young couples who want to start a family. It is clear that the situation has caused much dissatisfaction. However, when it comes to an international alert status, safety is a priority.

At present, the number of dead has exceeded 300, while over 14,000 patients have been identified.


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