Coronavirus: countries reject equipment made in China

equipment made in China
equipment made in China

Some European countries have rejected equipment made in China to protect workers and the authorities from the coronavirus.

Officials have reported hundreds of thousands of cases of coronavirus in Europe in the last few months. Moreover, the number of people that have died in Italy since the beginning of the outbreak is above 10.000.

According to authorities in Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands, thousands of medical masks and testing kits are substandard or defective.

Furthermore, this issue is raising concerns about the quality of the equipment made in China. The Chinese embassy in Spain later found out that the company behind the kits, Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, does not, in fact, have an official license issued by the Chinese medical authorities in order to sell and ship the products. Additionally, it clarified that the material donated by the Chinese government did not include products from Shenzhen Bioeasy.

Also, Dutch officials stated that the masks did not fit properly and did not fulfill their purpose.

According to BCC News: ”The equipment had arrived from a Chinese manufacturer on 21 March, and had already been distributed to front-line medical teams. The rest of the shipment was immediately put on hold and has not been distributed. Now it has been decided not to use any of this shipment.”

In the same fashion, Turkish authorities announced that some of the testing kits from the Chinese companies were not sufficiently accurate, even though some of them worked well.

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