Coronavirus could cause 600,000 deaths in Turkey

Coronavirus Deaths

According to a Turkish healthcare professor, Turkey could have 600.000 deaths from coronavirus, due to a lack of intensive care units in the country. Onur Baser suggests at least 3 million Turks could be infected in the future with COVID-19.

Baser, who is a Professor of Economics at MEF University in Istanbul and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan, said that “this means between 150.000 and 600.000 deaths.”

Baser says if over a million Turks will need to be hospitalized, there won’t be enough respirators. The Turkish authorities confirmed 1.529 cases and 37 deaths.

“At least 320 thousand respirators will be needed. If these people are not connected to the machines, the death rate could reach 90 percent.”



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