Coronavirus bankrupts airlines!


With all the madness of this virus, many people have given up on scheduled holidays, probably because the big star, “Coronavirus” appeared. Thus, Coronavirus bankrupts airlines.

On social media, there are various jokes on this topic. People are preventive, they do not risk!

Due to these cancellations, Emirates Group, one of the largest airlines in the world, encourages staff to take holidays. The main reason is the low travel demand caused by Coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

There are rumors of an internal email that says there is a “slowdown in business and a need for flexibility in the way we work”.

Emirates canceled much of the flights to China and suspended the ones to Iran, the epicenter of Coronavirus.

Do you want to travel safely? Here you have some information that you need to know!

It seems that Coronavirus is bankrupting airlines! Turkish Airlines has suspended all flights to Italy. Withal, United Airlines’ pilots have one month’s paid leave due to canceled flights.

At the same time, United has lost all flights on the New York-Milan route after the US State Department raised a travel alert to northern Italy.

How much money was lost here?
It is a critical time for many airlines!

International airlines are expected to lose nearly $30 billion in revenues this year due to declining flight requests.

We hope to recover as soon as things that do not work during this period and return to our normal survival rate without panic buttons.


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