Confidence-7 ways to increase it


Self-confidence is defined as a sense of security in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgments. When you have to do something and you know you can do it and how to do it, it means you trust yourself. And you will do it the right way. But what happens when you don’t know how to do something and you think you can’t do it? Then comes the feeling of self-doubt. Here’s what you can do to increase your confidence:

1.Count your successes so far

I put this first, because I consider it the most effective way to increase self-confidence. Both immediately and especially in the long run. Especially in the moments when you are down and depressed.

Confidence-7 ways to increase it

Awareness and writing about past successes in a success journal brings an immediate leap of confidence and drives you to action. Do something new.

This will bring with it small successes, which become the basis for an even better self-confidence. And this boosts self-confidence and other future successes. Which gradually become larger.

2.Choose to use a dialogue based on positive words

The way you talk to yourself and those around you is crucial when it comes to self-confidence. Simply choose to gradually replace those negative words in your address such as “I’m stupid”, “I’m not good at anything”, “I’m weak”, “I’m inexperienced” with some positive ones such as: “I’m imperfect and I’m I feel good “,” I am strong and I can face any challenge “,” even if I don’t know I am still about to learn or I turn to people who already know how to do it “.

By changing the way we talk to ourselves or those around us, we become better aware of our thoughts. Usually any negative word we say about us is supported by over 10 similar negative thoughts.

By paying attention to our words, we become more attentive to the thoughts we have and the two methods work very well.

3.Deal with those things you are afraid of

This is one of the best ways to increase your self-confidence, but also the hardest to achieve for many of us. As you probably know, precious metals are at great depths and we have some work to do to reach them, but it is worth our effort and it is similar in the case of those important things. When we dig to find water, we get pretty tired and we may not be able to do that from day one and maybe the earth will crumble behind us, but when we get there the satisfaction is high.

The same thing happens with the things we are afraid of. The more we walk and expose ourselves, even if it is not comfortable for us, the greater the satisfaction.

4.Take a confident stance

Attitude and general posture influence energy level and self-confidence. Follow your posture and form the habit of not stepping upside down, with your shoulders bent, as if hunched over by the burden of your problems. Keep your back straight, look forward, head up.

Correct yourself every time you see yourself hunched over. In time it will become a posture that you will instinctively take.

5.Use motivational materials to build self-confidence

The way you motivate yourself and how well you keep your motivation, is one of the basic elements of personal development. And it significantly influences how much you trust yourself and your actions.

Confidence-7 ways to increase it

How much confidence you have in the words you say, how much confidence you approach others, is ultimately something that influences self-confidence. As a result, find good quality sources that will give you daily motivation. Especially if you have a low level of self-confidence.

6.Get up and talk

Whenever you have the opportunity, go out in front of the audience and talk. The fear of public speaking is one of the most common. The exercise of dealing with your fear of speaking in front of people will help you realize that any fear is only in your mind.

7.Recognize the things that make you feel inferior

We often have aspects that we are somewhat ashamed of. It may be that we are a little overweight. Or the fact that we do not know how to behave in certain situations and make mistakes. Or we don’t like the way we look. Maybe we consider ourselves inferior to those around us, who seem to look much better.Confidence-7 ways to increase it

We each have such details, which make us feel uncomfortable. More or less. We should ask ourselves the following questions: Why do I feel uncomfortable / inferior in such situations? How exactly do I feel? What – concretely and specifically – generates these feelings in me? What exactly – again, concretely and specifically – if it were different (and how exactly), would this sensation no longer exist? What exactly – you guessed it, concretely and specifically – should I change to be in another situation?



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