Confessions of a truck driver’s daughter


I know. You hate truck drivers. Everybody does. You perceive them as fat, slimy and dirty old men, always ready to honk some girl on the street. Their long vehicles are a pain in the ass when you’re driving a small car, and you have definitely witnessed a street blocked by a truck at least once in your life. Western movies are not helpful at all when it comes to stereotypes, and truck drivers are no exception. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one movie where the casually present truck driver matches the description above. But let me ask you one question: how many truck drivers do you know or have met in real life?

Yes, my dad is a truck driver and I am not ashamed of that.

My dad has been a driver all his life. He drove all kinds of vehicles and eventually ended up driving the truck. So, you can imagine that when I “visited” him at work, I was actually going for long and cool car rides. I grew up among adults, especially men who were his colleagues, so I pretty much know the insides of drivers’ lives. But I will save this topic for another article.

Now, let’s talk about something else. Before getting mad that they block your roads or that they swear, or that they enter the gas station stinking, have you ever asked yourself who they are as human beings?

Let me open your eyes a little.

We all know that truck driving is a well-paid job. We all want good money, but not all of us would be willing to sleep in the truck cabin and shower in gas stations for it, am I right? Let alone eat only when you can, not when you’re hungry…

So, put yourself in their shoes…under which conditions would you do that? Maybe if you had…a family?

Yes, most truck drivers did not get a good education, they don’t have college degrees to help them work in IT for the same money. But do you know what they have? They have families to support. They have children for whom they want a better future. They want to provide things that they did not have. They stay away from their families, just to be able to be real men. Most truck drivers I know, including my dad, are the most dedicated men and fathers. None of them want to be a truck driver for their own self. They would not do this job if they didn’t have someone to support.

So, next time you judge a truck driver, think about who he’s being a truck driver for.


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