Confession: How did the virus come and ruin my entire summer?


You were supposed to be amazing, my dear summer. I was waiting for you with so much patience, I was craving for the rays of sunshine, for the waves and even for the air. And I was conscious that you were to make me experience the cruelty of the drought, but you know what? I have written this confession to tell you how the virus managed to ruin my entire summer.

I didn’t care. This is a situation, and I was going to accept it with all of my heart, even if it had shown me to be full of scars.

Do you realize what you actually did?

You disappointed me!
With the virus going around, I stayed at home almost the entire summer, not meeting any of my friends. It got to the point where it could ruin everything around me. My desire of being touch by the rays of sunshine was dead, as well as my soul. I unconsciously started talking to my plants, lost every bit of confidence by watching the daily broadcast. I overate, ’cause there was no other activity to bring me peace.

Or was there?

Eventually, I started writing a journal, some kind of confession about how the virus managed to ruin my summer. Also, it was perfect because I finally had something to confide in. I watched some TV shows and then I remembered I had some good unread books which I had always wanted to discover. I took care of my plants, pets and family. It was a lot of free time.

Now I wonder: were you bad luck or just a skipped opportunity?


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