Competition: 4 facts about it – how it can be both useful and troublesome

Competition: 4 facts about it – how it can be both useful and troublesome

Competition can be a very useful thing if we know how to make the best out of it. And, unfortunately, this is the hard part. A lot of people become competitive and turn this feeling into very bad behavior when instead, it should be a form of ambition that has a lot of benefits.

For me, competition has pluses and downsides in equal amounts. It all depends on every single person and how they see it.

  1. Competition may bring out the best in someone

There are several circumstances when competition can change someone in a positive manner. Once you are engaged in an activity, the first thing you should consider is to set a strategy that helps you do your best in this particular activity.

The thing is that not every single activity is like the others and the strategy is not always the same. There is when competition should do its part and determine you to find the best way for reaching the goal.

You should work harder and harder and do everything in your power to improve something each day. No matter who is your competition, because the real purpose of the competition should be the development that is seen day by day.

  1. Competition is not necessarily with other people

One fact that is sometimes misunderstood by a lot of people is that their real competition is themselves. They focus on beating the others and forget about their development.

What I most often do when I find myself in this type of situation is remind me of the skills, I need for the specific task I am doing. Then, I try and analyze them and I find the one that I am bad at. From that point on, my goal is to compete every day with myself and improve that ability. This way, I am now channeling my energy towards myself and my development.

This can be a very positive change someone can do in their mindset. Once this is changed, everything becomes easier and you may do a better job than you would have done when competing with the others. But it obviously depends on every single person.

  1. Competition turns people against each other

One negative point that competition has is that instead of helping people become better at what they are doing, it makes them be harsh with each other and behave badly. They start wishing bad things for others and forget that they are just trying to do their best to achieve their goals too.

Once competition with the others is set in, people have the tendency to be very stubborn and focus on the others’ loss than on their own gain and this is the point where competition starts being troublesome.

The main purpose of a certain situation should be beating the old version of yourself, not beating the others in every single activity. If this would change, people would then really be in a constructive state of competition.

  1. Competition may, on the other hand, make people act at their worst

Even if competition can make someone achieve their best self, it also can do the opposite. I personally have the tendency to behave worse when I am trying to do my best. Thus, it can be an unintentional manner of acting, but it is true in a lot of circumstances.

One simple example is this: during the 12 years of handball I had practiced, there were multiple games when my friends came to see me; those were the games when I wanted to be in my best shape, but, unfortunately for me, it simply was not possible. For some unexplained reason, I could not play well during those games and I am still wondering how I could overcome this.

One reason I can find is that this happened because I tried to do better than my teammates, when in fact I should have focused on my own game and would have been more useful.

This can happen in any field and with any kind of competition. My advice is to be very careful and try to see when you are becoming worse and stop it immediately. I know it is not easy, but it is something that should be done.


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