Take my hand and tell me everything you feel! – communication is the solution

communication is the solution

* Disclaimer: This article is an opinion and should be treated as such. If you are not on the same page with me, please express your opinion without resorting to hatred, communication is the solution. *

When was the last time you took a step forward, not two back? I don’t remember when I did so…

Being human is more than monotony and routine. Being human is a complex sphere of emotions and thoughts, a perpetual movement between “yes” and “no”, between “I can” and “I cannot”, “I want” and “I don’t want”. We lose ourselves in lines and words, emotions and experiences, and forget that our purpose is none other than to live. Take my hand and tell me what you feel!

We hide behind schools and jobs, we want to make something of us and we forget that as long as you start tomorrow, you are a real winner. We run the marathon of life and forget to choose the cause for which we break our legs. Sometimes we forget that we don’t have much time and that life doesn’t go in slow motion. But why?

Because we have lost the essence. We lost ourselves. We forgot to say how we are feeling today and forgot to ask the person next to us if he is okay, if something is bothering him, we forgot to ask him how he feels.

How do you feel today? How did you feel yesterday and how do you think you will feel tomorrow? I don’t know what I feel.

Communication is probably the everyday failure of people. We forgot how to communicate, forgot to fire off and forgot how to listen. We reach an ether loaded with experiences that we forget to use. I forgot last time when I told someone what I really feel, and you probably did too. None of us is by any means an example to follow, because we are here to find out that it is good to communicate with others, it is good to pour your soul out.

You are by no means a burden to those around you. Suffering is by no means a competition, which should remind you that if the one you confess to is going through some unimaginably difficult things. That does not mean that you are not going through anything. Communication has no barriers, suffering and problems are not barriers, they are pathways.

Don’t shut yourself up. Inside is darkness and there is no one to guide you to the switch.

I’ve been babbling about this communication, but what is it really?

“Communication is a set of actions that have in common the transmission of information in the form of messages, news, signs or symbolic gestures, written texts and so on between two individuals, called interlocutors, or more formally, transmitter and receiver.”

Through information I tend to believe that you got the idea that it’s not just about gossip and scientific issues, it’s about feelings too.

If you don’t communicate with others, then you’ll isolate yourself. If you are interested about how to fight loneliness, then click on this linklink!

You didn’t answer me… how do you feel?

The human is a social being that needs other people. You need people as much as I need twenty-four hours of sleep right now. So why wouldn’t you learn to express yourself, to speak?

To speak is not just to say what you ate today or to describe the showmanship of the teachers at school.

To speak means to pour your heart out, to complain and to let others complain. Here I want to get to the fact that we are superficial and we actually do not know how to speak. Dear teens, stars of the universe and heroes in your own fairy tale, I want to tell you to start talking.

We are at the age where we are hard-pressed that we should not even be able to understand, we are that generation that is either missing or overflowing with a revolutionary spirit.

So let’s just let the superficial go to the surface and plunge into emotion.

Say what you think, talk, do not hesitate, regardless of whether what you say seems difficult or out of context. I have seen too many people trapped in them, who do not know how to communicate and when they try to do it, they fail to convey what they want to convey because that also requires exercise.

Exercise what we should do daily. Let’s not become strangers into our own world.

Emotions exist to be experienced and examined. Take my hand and tell me how you feel!

Feel free to express yourself, tell your point of view and communicate.

Say what you feel! Tell me, how do you feel today?



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