Colours powerful meaning


We are all captivated by colours and each of us has a favourite colour that he will choose throughout his life, but have you ever thought about what that colour means psychologically?

Even if some of you knew it or not, each colour is analyzed by psychologists in various situations, and over time concrete meanings have been made on the colours. They have proven how it affects your life, the moments of the day, your moods, they even explain to you why you are more attracted to one colour and feel comfortable in it, compared to others.

Of course, there are a lot of notions about colours that you didn’t even suspect existed. They are like a real story that I push you to read it.

So, I will start by introducing you to this story with some general notions, to make you curious to look for the rest.


This colour symbolizes from a psychological point of view, purity, innocence, healing, peace, peace and tranquillity. People who prefer white are friendly, sincere and understanding. White represents totality and spirituality, also inspiring cleanliness and light.


has a general stimulating effect, provokes, incites to action, especially in the psychomotor, intellectual stimulator. It is a colour specific to the active, autonomous, locomotor, competitive type. Red is the favourite colour of active, dynamic people, with a very strong will, with independent initiatives. Red symbolizes warmth, fire, passion, enthusiasm, aggression. It can increase blood pressure and breathing rate. Red catches attention very quickly and has the effect of stimulating people to make decisions quickly.


is the colour of the sun and is often associated with happiness, joy, vital energy. Yellow is a beneficial colour, stimulates and maintains alertness, increases the ability to mobilize and concentrate attention, predisposes to communicativeness. The people who choose him are expansive, active, ambitious, communicative, tolerant, patient, with a high level of aspiration, wisdom, love of life, inner wealth.


is a warm colour, the colour of happiness, joy, warmth and sensuality. Useful as an emotional booster and stimulant, orange is used to treat depression and is very helpful in recovering from an emotional shock. Those who prefer this colour are sociable, spiritual people.


is a cold colour that represents calm, being restful, relaxing, relaxing and having a sedative effect. The people who choose him are peaceful, loyal, loving, optimistic people in approaching and solving problems. They need an orderly, calm and peaceful environment that inspires confidence. This colour favours the development of the processes of inhibition and slowing down of the activity; urges daydreaming, concentration and inner peace, seriousness, meditation. In excess, it leads to depression. It is characterized by the depth of feelings and sentiments. Characteristic for the passive, sensitive, perceptual type.


This couliur is a cold colour, which psychologically expresses the will to action, tenacity and perseverance. It is an excellent colour for financial achievements. Green has a predisposition to relaxation and meditation, favouring concentration. Persevering and daring people prefer this colour, they do not show off ostentatiously, although they need to impress and be appreciated. Green facilitates nerve disconnection and is a stress reliever. It characterizes the passive, defensive, autonomous, retained type. Express concentration, security, introspection.


tries to unify the impulsiveness of red and the softness of blue, with the effect of contradiction optimism-nostalgia or attraction-rejection. Violet is known as a royal colour, generally associated with luxury, creativity, spirituality and everything sophisticated. From a psychological point of view, violet expresses sadness and melancholy. It is a colour related to the paranormal, but it is also a colour of suffering.


Brown shades are the colours of the earth and the forest. It is solid, reliable and helps to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. It is the colour that communicates power, maturity. Those who choose this colour have an increased need for physical comfort, safety, stability and peace.


This colour is psychologically neutral, not stimulating, because it does not relax but does not tense. Gray means non-involvement, mechanical and artificial action.


can be considered a denial of colour. But white and black are like the two extremes, the beginning and the end. Black induces interiorization, anxiety, depression, sadness, but can also mean depth, stability, protection, strength. The preference for black can denote renunciation, dissatisfaction or revolt. Black is associated with gravity, negativity, the impression of depth, hopelessness, regret, weight, hostility, destructiveness, evil and even death.

These colours are described by the psychologist Ioana Radu, who specializes in the meaning of colours.

If I caught your attention, I recommend you read The Little Book of Color, by Karen Haller.Colours powerful meaning



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