College freshman? 10 things you need to know!

College freshman

1. Academic details

Regardless of the faculty, it is good to know from time to time what is the structure of the university year, the subjects you will have, the schedule, what are the credits and how they work in calculating the average and how the session and arrears work. The faculties have a personalized website where they publish the most relevant details on the organizational issues, and, regarding the class you are in, you can easily make groups of Facebook, Messenger or Whatsapp, where the information spreads quickly from one colleague to another. It’s quite uncomfortable to be taken unprepared, so big eyes and attention to those around you!

2. Transportation

Means of public transport are indispensable in a city. As a student, you benefit from discounts and even free of charge (depending on the city) for a certain bus, tram or trolley bus subscriptions. It is also advisable to find out which public transport lines take you to the college or other useful places. For this there are special applications, easy to install on any smartphone, or even online maps with the exact route and program of the searched line – everything is a click away!

3. Cultural institutions and centers

Being a representative of the academic environment, cultural institutions could be a point of interest to you. Each city has museums, churches, heritage buildings or memorial houses worth visiting and appreciating. Also, the theater, the opera, the cultural or scientific institutes, as well as the publishers or the headquarters of the research centers are key points of interest in the life of a student who wants to be actively involved and to achieve remarkable academic performances.

4. Fun places

A little party never killed anyone! Youth deserves to be lived properly, so a party from time to time does not spoil at all! And yes, I want to say that, next to the list of museums and educational places, you can draw a line and pass some fine clubs or places where you can relax and have fun. All you have to do is gather your friends and put on a super loud party! You are a freshman now in college, so allow yourself!

5. Restaurants and cafeterias

Love goes through the stomach, right? In fact, I tend to think that everything goes there. Good food is always welcome, so it is good to quickly search the internet for the best and convenient places, suitable for your taste. In seconds, you can quickly check menus, prices, and even the possibility of home delivery – that is, if you plan to have a relaxed day in your room, without leaving the city.

6. Libraries and reading spaces

For the days when you have a lot to learn, the library is the perfect refuge. The reading rooms there offer an environment conducive to study and have all the resources you could need, from books to free internet access, everything a college freshman needs. Of course, there are also more unconventional places, such as themed cafes and specially arranged spaces in parks that include quiet and quiet areas for reading lovers or young students.
If you are looking for a place to study, then you also have to optimize your learning style. And we have the perfect guide for that. If you are curious, then click on this article!

7. Sports halls and parks

For amateurs and movement enthusiasts, a list of places where I can indulge in any sport I want should be essential! The fitness, aerobic or martial arts rooms also offer special packages for students, with discounts and surprises! All you have to do is choose the right place, get your subscription and … don’t stay! Literally! For sunny days, the outdoor movement has many benefits. A park run or a long bike ride is exactly what you need after a long and stressful day.

8. Shopping malls

Goodies for everyone! Numerous studies have shown that shopping is a method of relaxation. So it is good to know some malls or commercial spaces where you can walk around freely, choose from a wide range of products, brands, and models, and explore the latest trends!

9. Events

Festivals, concerts, shows, book clubs, conferences, openings, contests and raffles, charitable crosses, exhibitions and fairs, all are at your disposal! You just have to know when, what and how. Social networks are a good source of information in this area because you can find out in advance about various events. Social gatherings of all kinds bring people together and make them live unforgettable moments. So it is good to be aware of everything moving through the city!

10. Volunteer opportunities

It’s never too late to volunteer! Whether you have done it before, or you want to try something new, volunteering is a growing trend. You can choose to volunteer at events, which involves a shorter period of time, or at different NGOs. However, you only have to earn: you gain work experience that you can add seamlessly to your CV, make new friends and have the opportunity to live something new, learning with others. By helping others, you help yourself.
Author: Andra Mocanu


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