Cold, Isn’t It? 3 Simple Tips for Staving It Off


Winter is upon us, and do you know what that means? Well, yes, lots of gifts, ice skating, festive foods, Christmas carols, quality time with your family and friends, you wouldn’t be wrong to think of any of these and more. What you should also be considering, however, is the cold ready to turn you into the next snowman decorating the alleys if you don’t take precautions to keep the it away. How can you do that? Here are three tips for keeping yourself warm an cozy during this special season!


Don’t be shy with the layers

Autumn may have been a little more forgiving depending on where you live, but winter will most likely not take so kindly to your garderobe. The biggest most important thing you could do when choosing your outfit is making sure it consists of an appropriate amount of layers. That one hoodie you like may not be enough to keep the cold away, nor would that other jacket you’d been meaning to wear, but if you wear both  at the same time you will have three layers of clothing protecting you (I’d like to think I don’t have to tell you that you should also wear a shirt underneath the hoodie and/or jacket).

Showing a bit of ankle in this day and age is no longer as much an issue as it was during the Victorian age, but our extremities are the more likely places for the cold to set in in our bodies, so make sure to avoid low-cut socks. Lastly, wear a pair of leggings underneath your pants to ensure your legs’ finest insulation.


Accessorize the cold away

Winter accessories can come in handy where wearing multiple layers doesn’t help all that much. I’ve already went over how it’s a good idea to protect your extremities from the cold, but only brushed over your feet. What is there to do for your other extremities?

Your hands are another body part that could get cold, a feeling that can be, while not directly harmful, quite uncomfortable, and as much as we’d like to do so, we can’t always keep them hidden deep in our pockets, grasping a nice hot packet. This is where mittens and gloves come in. They can be a bit of a bother, what with taking away some, if not most, of your dexterity, but what they’ve been made to do they do very well, you won’t feel the cold anymore. Next, you may want to avoid having your neck exposed.

Vampires are out of season, but the biting cold never rests, and so a scarf, which has the added benefit of also covering your mouth, is a safe choice. Last but not least, your head, and especially your ears, are quite vulnerable when it comes to the cold, so you may want to wear a beanie or, if you don’t want to hide that hairdo you’re so proud of, earmuffs to keep yourself warm all around.


Get yourself a thermos

A quick way to warm up your outside is to keep your inside warm. Be it coffee, tea or hot chocolate, brew a big hefty pot of your drink of choice and store it inside your trusty thermos before going out. This way, whenever you start feeling a little cold (or thirsty, whichever comes first), you can take a sip or two from your thermos and fill yourself back with warmth. There’s also the added benefit of holding onto it to warm your hands up, sort of like a makeshift heat pack.

Do keep in mind that the bigger your thermos is, the longer it’ll keep your warmth potion from becoming not so warm anymore, so try to choose one based on how much time you usually have to spend away from home during the day.


Remember, you can’t enjoy any of those nice festive activities if you’re feeling too cold, so do yourself a favor and don’t think yourself above the low temperatures. A cold during the holiday season is really the last thing you need.


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