Coincidence or not: 3 unusual experiences about life and death


Let’s talk about coincidences. Coincidences, do you believe in them? We all come across different unusual experiences and we have found various ways to put them into words: déjà vu, parallel universe experiences, premonition, you name it. In this article, I am going to describe my unusual experiences.

The numbers and the dreams

In the experience I am going to share with you, some numbers repeat and show some pattern. I have already shared with you the story of my mother and how she struggled to fulfill some social standards and the results of her struggle, and you can read it here. As for my father, I will roughly present the numbers that don’t seem mere coincidences to me.

My father died when I was one-year-old, my sister 18, and my brother 14. 18 years after my father’s passing away, my mother died. I was 14. Of course, that seems just a mere coincidence. But my 14-year-old brother had, before my father’s passing away, a dream about a priest who knock on our door and asked to talk to my father. My brother was very close to our father, and soon after his dream, my father passed away after a heart attack on the street.

Well, when I was 14, I dreamed I was standing in a doorway, and in front of me there was this green and large field and people were standing in line in front of me, appearing as I was watching. Behind me, a woman, dressed in black, just like other people in the line, came. She pushed me inside and then come down the stone stairs. From the first row, a man offered his hand and helped her descend. And I was there watching the whole time.

I didn’t see the woman’s face, only some bodily characteristics. That was the dream that told me that my mother was to pass away soon. I remember I told her my dream, and I asked her who she thinks that was going to pass away. She told me we would find out.

I only realized that the dream was about her when I was on my way to her funeral. Just like my brother, I was the closest to my mother before she passed. Are those just coincidences?

The coincidence of a promise

This may be just sightly irrelevant, but it has meaning to me. My mother had a brother that died young, suffering from cancer. They were very close. When he was on his deathbed, my mother asked him to take her with him. But he said that she has kids to raise, and he will take her husband. After 2 years, my father passed away.

Because my family had some problems, my sister raised me. At the time my mother passed away, I was fully living with my sister. Therefore, my mother had no kids to raise at that moment.

The dreams after my mother’s death

Of course, I was very affected by my mother’s passing away. And the first year after her passing was very hard to process. But in that year, I had some real questionable dreams about her. Back then, I was still religious and believed in hell and heaven. I had some dreams about her that had some powerful messages about her afterlife, things that I didn’t know back then.

The conversations with her were real, reality-connected. They weren’t chaotic like the dreams I usually have. She was talking to me, saying this I couldn’t imagine her saying to me, or had said while being alive.

All of those dreams had the passing from my reality to hers, and each would end with my coming back. These might seem coincidences or products of my imagination and wishes, but the way they felt was real for me.

The dreams stopped after one year. Now rarely do I have a dream about her, and now I can tell the difference. The ones I have now are purely dreams. On this subject, I have dreamed about who I am going to die and when. I am still not convinced that dream is a premonition as in my mother’s dream because there were too many details and the information was delivered way too clear.

What do you think about this sort of experience? Did you have some experience that could just not be coincidences?


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