Coherence (2014): why you should watch it


Coherence is a science fiction movie made in 2013 by James Ward Byrkit. It was his first movie, therefore the budget was only around $50,000. It has a few awards for best screenplay, best feature debut, or best in competition. Caution: there will be spoilers.

The plot and how it was constructed around an idea

Coherence is constructed around these elements: 8 friends, a comet, and Schrödinger’s cat. These 8 friends are reunited and one of their house. While sitting in the living room and chatting, they start talking about a comet that’s passing by that night. Of course, we are provided with some useful information like how did a comet from thousands of years ago affect people. Suddenly, the electricity went out, but only one house was not affected. Curious, some of them decide to go to that house and ask for some help. Long story short, weird things happen, and suddenly they discover that the other house is the same as theirs, but only at a different time. Soon, most of them get trapped in other realities, but with the same people around them.
The ending will leave you with a lot of unanswered questions, that’s why the director wanted us to watch the movie at least 12 times to discover new elements lying around the movie. But, again, in the movie, one of them talks about Schrödinger’s cat. As you go through Coherence, you’ll figure out that they are actually the cat. They do exist in both houses, but only one version of them is real.

Thoughts after watching Coherence

First of all, let’s imagine: it’s 2014, and the internet service is not great. Also, the power’s out, and the phones are not working. For someone who is constantly connected to the world through the internet, this was kind of terrifying. Not knowing what’s happening and just relying on some book about space and time when your clones are out there is also not that fun.
But the idea of time bending and changing is very interesting. Plus, the lines were improvised, even though it doesn’t seem like it. In the beginning, I only focused on every character’s problems, but then I completely forgot about them and just tried to figure out what step are they going to make next.
Even though the theme may be the same, Coherence is unique. There are also other movies with this time worm thing, like Triangle (2010) or Inception (2010). It’s almost unreal how great movies can be made even with a small amount of money.
Last thing: don’t watch the trailer. It’ll ruin the entire movie, even though I spoiled (almost) everything. Instead of that, I’ll drop the soundtrack made by Kristin Øhrn Dyrud.


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