Coffee: 3 ways to brew and the history behind the magic beverage



Hello, there, caffeine lovers! How do you like your coffee? Whether you like it dark, sweet, long, or short, I am sure you would find this article helpful. The reason is that we all want diversity in our caffeine life.

There are 3 ways you can brew your favorite beverage from 3 places in the world! Which one do you pick?

1. French Press – brewing through steeping

This device brought many controversies regarding its history. I know the name says its origins, but it may not be sure if the press was invented by French or Italian people. According to a legend from the 1890s, this method was first used by a Frenchman and it was a mere accident while he was preparing it on an open fire.

He was boiling his water when he realized he forgot to add the coffee grounds. Then he added them, but he observed that those would rise to the surface. That was the moment he improvised a piece of metal screen over the pot and he used a stick to press the screen and the coffee grounds down.
He expected his beverage to be tasteless, but in the end, it turned out to be the best he had had. French press is also called a coffee plunger or a cafetiere.
Nowadays, a French press is one of the easiest methods one can brew.

Here is what you have to do: boil water, add your coffee to the French press, then pour the boiling water and stir. After a few minutes you can push and here is your hug in a mug!

I honestly love this method on busy weekdays. It is fast, delicious and after you do not have too many dishes to wash.

2. Moka pot – brewing using pressure

Moka pot or Bialetti express is an Italian express. As Italy is known for the love of caffeined drinks, in 1933 Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka express to facilitate the art of making coffee and to make it more accessible to everyday life (and less time consuming).

This device revolutionized the way Italians enjoyed their everyday espresso.
This one is my favorite method for Sunday mornings. Although it is a little more complicated to brew, everyone can make it. You have to boil some water first, then add it to your Moka pot until it reaches the little dot on the outside.

Then, you add coffee to the little filter. Close the Moka pot and then put it on the stove. Boil it and is ready!
I enjoy an espresso made in this method in a transparent glass of froth milk!

3. Turkish Coffee – brewing through boiling

Turkish coffee was first introduced by the Turkish Governor of Yemen around 1540.
As it was a new beverage, they created their way to prepare it.

First, they used mortars to ground the coffee and then brewed it using a special pot called an Ibrik. The Sultan loved it and therefore it becomes an integral part of Turkish history and culture.
This method is the most nostalgic to me, as my mother used to drink coffee this way. You need a grinder and a Turkish coffee pot (Ibrik). Coffee done this way is very aromatic, thick and it has a thick foam on top.

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What do you think about these ways of brewing? Keep in mind that you have to watch your caffeine intake! I know that coffee is just so tasty and you may see it as an ally, but she needs sleep and rests too!

Also, green tea is a great (and tasty) way of accelearte your mind and body in the morning. 


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