Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi – what’s the best soda pop?

the best soda

The most consumed soft drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have always been two big mysteries for all of us. We live in a free world, in which every person can choose their own taste, their own brands that they can own or even such a trivial thing like choosing a soda.

Let’s talk about these masterpieces of marketing that stirred up controversies.

In 1866, Dr. John Pemberton invented a drink that contained cocaine. It later took the name of Coca-Cola, being the first soft drink to ever appear on the market. Later, in 1866, John S. Pemberton revealed the original formula for Cola. This is how it easily entered the lives of many people.

At only 13 years apart, another pharmacist named Caleb Bradham created Pepsi-Cola. It was a drink similar to the first one, but it contained a greater quantity of sugar.

In all this time Coca-Cola was constantly expanding. Instead, Pepsi got close to bankruptcy. This happened because of World War II since this is when they have started selling the soda in a can in order to transport it more easily.

Like many other big brands, these two declared war on each other since the beginning. The rivalry between them reaches a high peak in the ’80s. During that period, the two companies started to directly attack each other through the negative publicity they were making for the other.

As for composition, the two drinks have always raised an alarm signal for medics by being some of the most unhealthy drinks.

While Pepsi does contain more sugar, Coca-Cola presents a significant amount of sodium.

Fructose corn syrup was one of the most dangerous ingredients ever created to sweeten a drink. It was used in enormous quantities since it’s not as sweet as sugar. Studies confirmed that it usually provokes diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, arterial hypertension, and even memory loss.

Being the creation of a pharmacist, the first Coca-Cola bottle was sold in a pharmacy. It was an amalgam of sugar syrup, citric acid, nutmeg, vanilla, and Chinese peppermint oil. It also contained caffeine and an extract from the coca leaf, that contained insignificant amounts of cocaine. The original recipe would certainly be banned these days if the company still used the same formula.

Another reason why this drink shouldn’t be consumed is that you can clean almost anything with it. From rusty nails or any tools to roads, toilets or showers. Let’s not forget that it is useful as a pesticide since it’s a cheap and efficient “product”.

A big difference between the two would be what message they send to people.

Cola represents the family, stability. The appearance of Santa Claus and the polar bear every Christmas created this image in order to bring joy to families. Thanks to this “Soda War”, that has never ended, the Pepsi-Cola company tried to steal this famous image.

The first drink ever represented unity, being a traditional company that promoted family values. The rival company decided to become the youth’s brand by promoting the idea of liberty, agitation, entertainment, and fashion.

Coca-Cola created the current image of Santa. The old man was robust, with a long beard, just like now, but dressed in a long, green coat, with a large furry collar.

The decision to introduce this character in the brand image was taken during winter.

During that period, the company was making fewer sales because of the cold weather. Since then, his image was of a happy old man, who dresses in a red costume, with a white and long beard, and a huge sled pulled by 9 reindeer lead by the famous Rudolph. They sprinkle themselves with magic powder, so they can fly from house to house, giving presents and soda bottles.

The two beverages got to have about 100.000 employees. Both companies are worth 20 billion euros. Famous celebrities of the planet, starting with Christina Aguillera to Johnny Depp represented their brand. For Pepsi, from Michael Jackson to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.


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