Club Penguin: a review of one of the famous childhood games

Club Penguin: a review of one of the famous childhood games
When I was young, I remember perfectly that I had this game that everyone was obsessed with, and to be honest, it was really fun to play and I’ve made so many friends too.

I think everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say that Club Penguin was the most addictive and amazing game to play from childhood. Or this is just my opinion…

I wasn’t a great video game player, and I’m still not good, but I like to just enjoy the game and have fun. I’ve played many games, but none of them really made me keep playing it without stopping, like Club Penguin.

What is Club Penguin?

People my age already know what Club Penguin is if they had ever played this game, of course, but there are people who still don’t have any idea what this game is about.

Club Penguin: a review of one of the famous childhood games

Club Penguin was a famous multiplayer game, where people had the opportunity of creating their own penguin and discovering a virtual world, full of games, activities and other seasonal events, with amazing challenges. The best part was that you could customize your penguin the way you wanted, dress up with weird and funny clothes, personalize your own igloo and even adopt a cute creature, which was called a “puffle”.

The game had lots of mini-games, and even if you weren’t really good at playing games, you could socialize with the other players or enjoy the special events that appeared for any occasion, like Halloween, Christmas, Fairs or movie themes.

What happened to the actual Club Penguin?

Unfortunately, when I’ve tried to search for this game, I found that it was shut down. I felt really bad because of this, the game was practically half of my childhood, and I really missed my penguin. I can’t remember the name of my penguin, but I still remember how hard I’ve tried to collect so many coins and stamps and get as many outfits as possible. But now everything evaporated.

Club Penguin: a review of one of the famous childhood games

Years passed, and recently I wanted to search again about Club Penguin, just for curiosity. I was really shocked to find out that this game came back! Well, not actually the real one…

From what I’ve found, another company tried to revive this childhood game, by restoring the game and calling it Club Penguin Rewritten. I was a bit concerned because I was sure that this could be just a fake copy of the original, but I was pretty surprised to find out that I was wrong. The game worked exactly as I remembered.

Being curious, I’ve tried to see if I was still able to play the games and get back my stamps, by creating another penguin character. Unfortunately, I’ve become worse than I was then. But most importantly, I was happy to see the game working again.

The mini-games of Club Penguin

The game itself was pretty cool, but in order to get coins and buy things you had to play some games that were placed on the map. As I said, I wasn’t a pro at playing games, but I really liked to play them. And to be honest, some of the mini-games were actually pretty easy for everyone. I think that’s why I enjoyed playing this game.

If you succeeded to do some challenges, you were rewarded with some stamps and, of course, with some coins too. This was my biggest problem because I was able to collect only a few stamps on these games, so I decided to cheat and let my brother pass the levels and collect all the stamps for me.

Customize your penguin, your igloo and adopt a pet

I think this was my favourite thing about this game. I was able to dress up my penguin how I wanted, decorate my igloo with interesting furniture and adopt pets and take care of them. But the main problem was that I didn’t have enough coins to buy as many things as I liked, so I had to wait for those special events where you could receive free stuff, for your penguin and your igloo.

Club Penguin: a review of one of the famous childhood games

I really liked those moments, because the virtual map was also decorated especially for each event that was at that moment. Something that I’ve also appreciated at this game.

I’m so happy to see that the game is back and that there are still people who play it. If I made you curious about Club Penguin, you should definitely give it a try!


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