Cliches and disappointments – Why are we chronically sad?

Cliches and disappointments
Cliches and disappointments

Life is sad, dreary and full of eternal melancholy… All of us get lost in cliches and disappointments, even if it sounds impossible, this is the inevitable possibility.

Small errors, tiny, big, medium and huge

How many times did you feel bad for saying things when you were angry? How many times did you cry when somebody replied to you in a rude, jerky, offensive way, or when they didn’t respond at all? Just how many times have you cried in somber silence? How many times did you read a book just to calm down, or to forget an unhappy moment?

I presume that most of the time… That’s how we are conceived as humans…

We lose ourselves in cliches and disappointments, and then we find ourselves in the small joys that save our life. Hope is the last resort of escape, but you see, you die and the hope lives on, which deceives the man and lifts up his soul so that later on it will tear it down.

This is our century’s paradox.

You lose people, lose moments, lose time, lose souls and sometimes you lose yourself. And the hardest thing is to find yourself again…

In a person, a book, a passerby or an old photography… You identify, but you don’t recognize yourself anymore, the time passes by and it changes you… You can’t even recognize the person in the mirror… And the most devastating thing is not being able to find that constant balance that you truly need…

That’s why people cry, write, laugh, read, go out for a walk or choose a pet because in all of these you see a part of yourself. Maybe it’s not that important for the humanity, but it’s motivating for you. Choose to be the one who doesn’t lose himself in cliches and disappointments, the one who battles himself for an hour of peace, the one who turns cold souls in warm smiles!

It is true that not all of us are happy, we all have sad and happy moments. So, we wrote this article where we expressed our thoughts in a series of smaller articles on different topics. In case you’re interested, you can click on this link!

And be Happy, it is a gift which not many can afford!


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