Classic Halloween Movies (part 2)

The moment the 31 October hits, we’re ready for the scariest season of the year to start, and nothing is quite as classic as setting up a movie marathon featuring the best Halloween flicks of all time. Would you survive a movie marathon with these scary picks?

1. The Addams Family (1991)

You might know the frightening faces of this wacky family — and probably the rhythm to their catchy theme song — but when’s the last time you sang along? This kid-friendly classic is an easy choice for a spooky — but not nightmare-inducing — Halloween movie night.
2. The Amityville Horror (2005)
A couple moves into their dream home, only to discover the previous tenants met a deadly end. This drama teaches an important life tip: If the house you’re buying seems too good to be true, call the ghostbusters before you settle in.

3. Escape Room (2019)

A group of strangers is invited to take part in an escape room with a special grand prize, but they soon find out that it’s all part of an elaborate plan and they have to survive. Will they find a way to escape?

4. Truth or Dare (2018)

A group of friends who has their vacation in Mexico turned upside down when they end up involved in a supernatural version of Truth or Dare. After a few turns, the game turns deadly and they must find a way to survive against the odds and stop it before they all end up dead.
5. The Haunted Mansion (2003)
Based on the theme park ride, The Haunted Mansion follows the Evers family as they try to go on vacation together until Jim Evers forces them to check out a mansion that he wishes to sell. The family must stay the night after a storm causes them to be stuck in the old house where they encounter the story of two former lovers who died before they could get married and try to figure out the mystery behind the old mansion and its paranormal activity.
The point is that spooky season is here at last! With Halloween on the way or not it’s always the perfect time to brush up on your spooky, seasonal, and downright scary movies!
If you have already seen these, click here to see the first part!


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