Christmas in pandemic winter. Activities for pandemic winter holidays 


         What plans do you have this Christmas in pandemic winter?  This year’s Christmas will definitely be a distinctive one, as the pandemic situation suggests. I believe we can make the best of these Christmastime holidays even if we wouldn’t travel or go home to see our relatives. Some bonding activities can bring us back to our families, or even to our own inner child that couldn’t wait for Christmas in the past.

Homemade decoration

One of my favorite activities, besides making the Christmas tree, was making some homemade decorations. Maybe they weren’t as beautiful as I used to consider, as a child, but it was something special inputting your own work in the Christmas tree.

I loved doing with my mother every Christmas since I was little the paper garland. We used to buy red and green paper, and my mother used to cut pieces long and wide as a finger. First, I would coil them and then stick those together using glue (sometimes I would end up sticking even my fingers together). And continue like that until the length was long enough to cover me from head to toe. Even if we lost some of our childhood Christmas spirit and enthusiasm, maybe a paper garland would help our bonding with the rest of the family or in an online meeting with our loved ones.

Write a letter to Santa Claus. 

As I already said, maybe we came to consider Christmas a more serious holiday than it is. Santa sure will forgive us if we ask for a little understanding. Let’s write a letter. Allow yourself to be a child again. What would you ask for this year? The bad flu to end?


Remember that your childhood wishes never were silly, that you had expressed your needs (material or emotional ones). Santa can be a dear one, or even yourself. Just express your needs and let Santa make you happy.

Watch your favorite childhood Christmas movies. 

What movies did you use to watch on Christmas, besides Home alone, obviously? Start a list of your favorites, and try to see them through your adult perception, but keeping that inner child’s voice as loud as you can. Most of the Christmas movies I loved as a kid were deep; watching them again makes you complete the image you had as a child. After seeing a movie, try to treat it with your cherished ones. Did the topic, the characters, or maybe the plot raise memories or new thoughts?

Have a friendly moment with yourself at the Christmas sparkles.

Another person you need to be in constant touch with is yourself. Put the devices away and light the Christmas tree. What have you been feeling lately? Have a conversation with yourself and listen closely to what your words can’t describe. Be kind to yourself. Let the color of joy hug your soul in a peaceful moment.

Christmas in pandemic winter may be a lonely one, but you can bond with yourself. Let the warmth of this holiday echo in your heart. Have yourself a happy merry Christmas!


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