Christmas Gifts (Which Are Not Books ) for Books Lovers


Know someone who loves to read? Christmas is coming? Trying to find the best gift for the book lovers in your life? Obviously, the easiest way is to buy them the year’s best romance novels. Totally wrong if your peers have already plowed through everything on Oprah’s Book Club List, and all the tales that’ve been turned into TV shows, chances are, they already own it – and finished it long ago.  So, in this case, what do you buy a bookworm?

Check out this selection of gifts for book lovers and make your life much easier.

Acrimet Premium Bookend

For a simple way to organize books, you may choose these metal bookends with an industrial vibe. How about such a gift?

Source: Amazon

From 10$ at Amazon

Book Darts Line Markers

These markers are very useful for the readers who love to mark quotes but don’t want to actually write in their books. Much nicer looking than dog-eared pages, the little metal markers stay put inside a book and help readers easily find their favourite passages.

Source: Amazon

From 15$ at Amazon

Postcards From Penguin: 100 Book Covers in One Box

Instead of a bookmark, you would like to use one of these vintage-book-cover postcard to keep your place. You could also hang them on a wall for inspiration or mail one to another book-loving friend.

Source: Amazon

From 20$ at Amazon

Custom Ex Libris Oak Crown Bookplate Stamp

You can order this book stamp with your giftee’s name and initials so they can leave a scholarly mark on their book collection.

Source: Etsy

From 47$ at Etsy

Amazon Kindle

Even die-hard fans of physical books will likely see the benefit of being able to download and read new titles from anywhere. No eye strain, super long battery life, and access to Kindle Unlimited books. What a great deal!

Source: Amazon

From 60$ at Amazon

Brooklinen Throw Blanket

In gray plaid, this baby-alpaca throw is from one of our all-time favourite bedding companies.

Source: Brooklinen

From 206$ at Brooklinen

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

A steaming cup of coffee or tea can make your reading nook cozier, but you don’t want to risk your drink getting cold and forcing you away from your book.

Source: Amazon

From 11$ at Amazon

Charles Dickens Characters Mug

And for the reader who prefers a more lo-fi mug, but with plenty of personality: go for a character mug from literary-gift line the Reader’s Catalog.

Source: Reader’s Catalog

From 28$ at the Reader’s Catalog

Teak Bathtub Caddy

Reading in the tub is one of life’s best luxuries, and this water-resistant teak tray makes it easier.

Source: Bad Bath & Beyond

From $40 at Bed Bath& Beyond

An Old Books Candle

What would be more perfect than to burn a candle while you are reading? This particular candle has the smell of old books with vanilla overtones. This candle creates an atmosphere of home wherever you read.

Source: Etsy

From $7 at Etsy

Miniature Chocolate Books

If your friends have a sweet tooth, just go for this! They are delicious and in the same time, a memory of the passion for reading, mini-books for the soul, taste, not only for the mind.

Source: Etsy

From $16 at Etsy

Lumio Book Lamp

You’d love to be gifted one of these book lamps for your nightstand. When it isn’t opened up and glowing, the wooden lamp closes shut to blend in with the other hardcover books there.

Source: Moma Design Store

From $200 at Moma Design Store


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