Christmas gifts for FRIENDS lovers


Christmas and Friends is the best combo ever! Imagine this: you drink hot chocolate, covered in blankets. Next to you, is the Christmas tree and your friends and all of you are watching Friends. The Christmas episodes hit different this way. But what about the gifts? You all love the same show, and it’s Christmas! How fun would that be!?


This is more for a lover but it doesn’t matter, it could be your friends too. Imagine opening the gifts with your loved one in the morning. You are sitting under the tree, surrounded by Christmas lights and you find a box full of letters. On each letter it’s written “Open this when you feel like everything is wrong, you hate your job and want to start over and do what you really love!” and it’s full of pictures with Rachel and her moments. Or maybe “Open this when you are hungry and I am not home to make you food” and it’s full of pictures with Monica cooking. Take this as a joke, of course. “Open this when you need me and I am too far away” and full of quotes and pictures with Friends cast hugging.


You can make a notebook by printing scenes from Friends and next to them you can write something nice. Maybe you can write “remember when I lost my ring in the lasagna you’ve just made?” and next to this put a picture with Friends cast searching for Rachel’s ring in Monica’s lasagna. This idea is based on the similarity of the events, maybe you did something with your friends and Friends also did in the show. Maybe you can recreate photos! You can recreate a photo with your friends doing the Christmas tree and next to it you can put a picture with Friends cast doing the same thing.


If you can do it alone it’s better but if you don’t, and you can order as well, it’s ok. Think about bracelets with names written in the same way as “Friends” is written in the beginning of every episode, with space between the letters, you know. Necklaces, rings, earrings, with the frame (from Monica’s apartment), with coffee (made by Rachel), with dinosaurs (because of Ross). You can write things like “dress like Rachel, cook like Monica, eat like Joey, love like Ross, live like Phoebe, joke like Chandler”. You can make/buy bracelets with different things but if you put them together it screams “Friends”. For example, “pivot”, a coach, a lobster, “Central Perk”, a white dog (when Chandler and Joey won Monica and Rachel’s apartment). Of course, you can make stickers, too! With the same icons, of course. Everything that reminds you of them! Merry Christmas, friends!


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