Chocolate addiction: unexpected benefits and alternatives

Chocolate addiction: the benefits and alternatives

Let’s talk about chocolate addiction. Sweets, just like vegetables, meat, and other types of food, are part of a healthy diet, if they are consumed in moderation. They have been a popular food for many centuries.

Chocolate addiction

However, one specific type of sweet seems to stand out from the others. I’m talking about the all-mighty chocolate. We all love it and enjoy eating it from time to time, but some people strongly crave it. They eat plenty of chocolate at a time, and they are called “chocoholics”. At first, the term was used to describe a person that loves to eat chocolate, but in the present, it is used to refer to people that suffer from a chocolate addiction caused by the powerful temptation of chocolate.

How does chocolate help?

Chocolate can indeed give us energy in order for us to function properly. However, the primary reason for its consumption is stress. Apart from the fact that chocolate can make us happy, by increasing our dopamine level, it is also capable of fighting off anxiety and stress. This is linked to the concept of “stress-eating” which is a way of going through tense situations by consuming food.

A study conducted by the Nestle Research Centre in Switzerland shows that dark chocolate is capable of altering our metabolism in a good way, by reducing the number of hormones that are associated with stress and by normalizing the “systemic stress metabolic signatures”.

Are there any alternatives to chocolate?

Luckily, there are many sweet substitutes that can help us combat chocolate addiction. For example, you can eat yogurt, trail mix, honey, jam, marmalade, etc. But the most important out of all of these alternatives are fruit. I consider fruits to be the best option when you need something sweet and also healthy. Apart from that, they are insanely accessible if you know where to look for them.

There are many things you can do with fruit. For example, you can just simply cut and mix them in order to make a fruit salad. Or if you’re looking for something to drink you can just make a delicious smoothie. Little pro tip: if you feel hot and you need something to cool you off, you can pour the mixture into little ice cream shapes and leave it in the fridge for a refreshing snack!

To sum it up, even though chocolate is able to provide us with lots of energy and at the same time it can make us happy and relaxed, we shouldn’t have a chocolate addiction because many other substitutes work just as fine.


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