Chinese tourist attractions flooded by people – specialists warn against it

chinese tourist attractions

A large number of people have gathered at many Chinese tourist attractions despite the warnings from authorities that the risk posed by the Coronavirus remains far from over.

A similar story played out in the capital Beijing, with locals flocking to the city’s parks and open spaces.

However, in recent weeks the rate of infection has slowed significantly. To date, China has recorded 82,641 cases and 3,335 deaths.

But while the government is slowly relaxing restrictions, Chinese health experts have urged the public to continue to practice caution.

Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist told the Health Times that China had not seen the end of the epidemic.

“China is not near the end but has entered a new stage. With the global epidemic raging, China has not reached the end,” he said.

Too much, too soon?

With the number of new infections in China reportedly falling, the government has tentatively begun efforts to restart the country’s manufacturing and service industries.

The collapse in activity has affected every sector of the country’s economy, leading to concerns of long term damage.

In a commentary published on the newspaper’s website, one opinion writer said now was not the time to stop being “vigilant”.

Third wave

Concerns that the Chinese are relaxing its Coronavirus restrictions too soon have led Hong Kong experts and authorities to warn of the possibility of a “third wave” of infections in the city.

Such measures could include restricting restaurants to “take-out only” or even a citywide lockdown.

“It could also risk spreading panic but we have to accept that it may be necessary if the alternative is the risk of something worse,” he said.

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