Childhood joy: 3 great ways to rediscover it

Childhood joy: 3 great ways to rediscover it

Childhood was indeed a magical time. Most of us tend to get nostalgic when we think about that lovely days. The pure happiness we felt every day as we were so free from any responsibilities, living in a world full of imagination and counting the stars at night before going to sleep. But most importantly, it is that playful and optimistic attitude we miss so much. We would give anything to go back in time to those moments.

Sometimes we can’t help but wonder what happened to all that enthusiast and how can we manage to find joy in small things again. Like getting a new toy an being offered a piece of strawberry cake when we were young and it made us so bubbly inside. Or that peaceful feeling we experienced when we used to spend all day bathing in the sun and playing in the grass without any care in the world.

If you are searching for a chance to regain that happiness and feel lively and full of hope again, you might want to try some of these tips.

 Childhood joy: 3 great ways to rediscover it

Read a fairytale.

There is something magical about getting lost in a book. Using your imagination, letting your thoughts wonder and forgetting about everything as you are really focused  on the storyline is the best feeling in the world. You can reread you favorite story from when you were little or feed your curiosity at the same time and try a new one. What’s more, If you really want to recreate that warm memories you should read it before going to sleep with a cup of hot cocoa an some cozy blankets around yourself.

Blow some bubbles

Blowing bubbles is my guilty pleasure. It is very soothing and will surely calm you down while putting  a smile on your face. This silly but adorable activity is guaranteed to cheer you up, and all that colorful and tiny bubbles will make you feel  so small and young again. There’s something incredibly relaxing and about watching them fly away  and pop against a hard surface that just melts all your anxiety and stress. Also their cute smell and the way they sparkle in the sun will awaken that innocent happiness inside you.

 Childhood joy: 3 great ways to rediscover it

Discover that childhood joy by going to a picnic.

You can gather all your close friends, find a quiet, beautiful place with lots of trees or a flower field and pack up a delicious lunch and a big blanket. What’s more, you can play your favorite games, pick up some flowers or just admire the peace and harmony while you share some munchies and spend some quality together.

And if you are in the mood for it, you can just hold a tea party while you are at it. Put on a nice dress, a cute hat to shield yourself from the sun and bring your favorite sweets and tea. It will definitely remind you of all the times you used to play like this as a child and put you in a bright mindset.

Childhood joy: 3 great ways to rediscover it

There are many things that can make you feel young again and bring you that distinct and precious joy. The possibilities are endless.  You can of course buy yourself a small present, some cute trinkets like a plush keychain or something you can put around the house that will make you excited for a moment and remind you to be more conscious about all the beautiful things around you. Whatever you choose, remember to always cherish the good memories from your childhood in your heart.

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