Cheap meals for students: 3 recipes to try now

cheap meal for students

A lot of people are back in the dorms right now. While it is great to be yet again in a new city and be able to see people more often and attend courses in person, this comes with a downside: food. Say good-bye to freshly made food daily. The recipes that I have now cannot replace the amazing taste and feel of a home-cooked meal, but they surely can satisfy your hunger and are incredibly easy to make and fill, and are also cheap!

Overnight oats: easy and nutritious meal on a budget

Overnight oats have become a staple for me. It’s a very cheap meal for students since it only requires oats, chia seeds, milk, yoghurt and a bit of honey. I use the recipe in this video for the base for my oats.

Other than the base ingredients, you can go nuts with them! You can add different flavourings, such as vanilla, almond or something daring like pistachio. This cheap meal for students can help you pack some fruits and nuts as well. If you make a large batch that you portion out, you can have multiple servings ready for you. It is truly a good cheap, time-efficient and delicious meal for every student.

Instant ramen: a classic cheap meal for students made fancy

Instant ramen gets a pretty bad reputation. It is considered a cheap and unhealthy meal, only good if you want to eat something quick. But with some tweaks here and there, you can have a pretty good and filling bowl of ramen.

When it comes to instant ramen, something so easy can be made very delicious. You can add toppings such as ham, tofu, or any kind of vegetables you have around. Corn and a boiled egg can also be good and delicious toppings. You can even make the broth better by using the viral Tik Tok mayo and egg hack. With only some toppings, you can make a boring and cheap meal for students taste like a million bucks!

Rice noodles: customize them to your liking

If you don’t want to eat instant ramen, but still want to enjoy some good noodles, you can try rice noodles! Just soak them in hot water for a couple of minutes and bam, you have a great base already.

You can add hot sauce, soy sauce, truly whatever to them to make them taste better. You can use your favourite vegetables as toppings, along with your protein of choice, tofu, chicken or pork. Rice noodles are amazing if you want to add them to a soup or salad as well, making them a pretty customizable cheap meal for students.

I hope you enjoyed this short article and that it helped you. We are big foodies, so don’t hesitate to see what other articles on the food we have!



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