Cats and their amazing properties

Cats: you either love them or hate them. Unfortunately, these small felines are often portrayed as being evil, unfriendly or disloyal. But what many non-cat owners don’t know is that cats possess many amazing properties. Properties that even cat owners may have never heard of.

They can sense natural disasters

It is said that cats are able to predict earthquakes. Scientists believe they are sensitive to the static changes that happen before one. But did you know that humans are sensitive to them as well? Some of us begin to feel light-headed or disoriented right before an earthquake occurs. For cats, it’s a little bit different. They will meow loudly or their pupils will suddenly dilate. Their tail will puff up or their fur will get spiky. Although these are common cat behaviors, it’s fascinating how pets will start acting odd right before an earthquake.
Even with the lack of actual scientific evidence, it is said that dogs and cows have the ability to anticipate natural disasters as well.

They have healing powers

Whoever owns or has owned a cat can confirm that they’re able to sense when humans are in pain. Whether it is physical or emotional pain, your cat will try to comfort you no matter what. When I injured my knee 3 years ago, my cat used to sleep on it every night. Crazy, isn’t it?
Research has shown that a cat’s purr has actual healing powers. It vibrates at a frequency of 20-150 hertz. This frequency is known to be used in vibrational therapies. It is also associated with bone healing and growth.
In addition to this, cats are great stress relievers. Petting your cat for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day will make your cortisol levels go down and your serotonin levels go up.
As someone who used to fear cats in the past, I have finally come to realize that being a cat owner is quite easily very beneficial. Cats are amazing, just like dogs. And they can be your best friends too. Even if they’re a little bit strange or mysterious sometimes.


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