Cats and dogs get compassion yet we kill other animals without guilt


Cats and dogs are some of the most lovable pets which is the reason why many of us choose them as house companions. People take good care of them and often tend to splurge on them like crazy. And why wouldn’t they if they have the resources? After all, they are considered to be family members. Thus, they deserve to be treated correspondingly. However, despite being animal lovers, humans eat meat. It is sad how we make a distinction between “eatable” and “non-eatable” animals and pick out guilt-free which ones are worthy of our love and compassion and which ones are not. 

So, why do we treat some animals as royalty, but we have no remorse when eating others? 

It’s all about perception. 

In China is legal to eat dogs. The Arabian countries are disgusted to consume pigs. Indians worship cowsCountries like the UK, US, Canada and most of Europe find all of the above outrageous. 

Therefore, on one hand, it comes down to empathy. The more compassion we have for certain animals the more we care for them and would never dream of eating them. That is why most of the world tends to connect with dogs and cats much better and way easier on an emotional level  

On the other hand, it’s about intelligence. We don’t think about farm animals as we do about the usual pets. We often have the wrong perception that dogs and cats have higher intelligence than other animals. Hence we come to the conclusion that is justifiable to eat pigs, cows, goats, etc.  

How can we change our attitude and feel compassion for all animals? 

There have been more than enough scientific research proving that we can easily survive without animal products. If anything, a plant-based diet has much greater benefits for both the human body and the environment. One way we can start being true animal lovers is by taking a better look at the consequences the animal industry causes. Furthermore, take some time and get to know the intelligent and affectionate side of other animals as well.  

So, if you consider yourself fond of animals and looking for a way to escape the guilt of eating them, try to share some compassion with ALL of them, not only with your dogs and cats. At the end of the day, we alone control the way how we perceive them, whether we look at them as pets or as food. Therefore, let’s try eating fewer animals and spreading more love. 


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