Cats: 5 crazy reasons why they are just like babies

Cats: 5 crazy reasons why they are just like babies

Cats are amazing. And how can we not love them when they are just the perfect size, with such big doe eyes and a fluffy coat of fur?  If you already have a cat, you just know that they will always be part of the family. And sometimes we can’t stop treating them like actual babies.

Cats: 5 crazy reasons why they are just like babies

Cats are really small, not to mention cute. It’s only natural that this somehow triggers our natural instincts to nurture and protect hem. Although they are perfectly capable of taking care and defending themselves with such big claws and an even more bigger temperament, they really love acting spoiled every now and then. These little attention seekers will never  leave you alone whether you are busy, working, or just trying to study. But when you actually want to cuddle, they decide to be moody brats. It just isn’t fair.

Here are 4 reasons why cats are just like toddlers:

1. The wake up at dawn and just demand to be feed

How many times did you cat wake you up at 6 am with a lick on your nose or just never ending concert of meows? I actually believe that it’s in their gene to wake up before the sun and already start acting crazy. Whether it’s the sound of they running around the house like a mad man, breaking things or the sound of  cries, when they want food, they won’t stop until they get it. And their continuous cries paired with the evil intent to disturb your sleep when it’s the sweetest are the ultimate proof that cats are just like babies.

Cats: 5 crazy reasons why they are just like babies

2. We just can’t stop hoarding toys for them.

We want to keep them entertained and happy at any time. And even if they already have a huge amount of toys, everytime we buy something for ourselves, we just need to get something for them. Or when we are casually scrolling on the internet and see some ads about cat toys, we instantly think how much they will love it. Just looking at them  playing will make your hear melt. They deserve the best, and when they  are distracted, they can’t  destroy the house. Now, repeat after me: their happiness is our peace.

3. They make a mess while playing, but you can never be angry with them

I am sure that everyone can recall a time when they came home to a huge clutter and discovered their house in chaos. I am not gonna lie, sometimes it looks a crime scenes. A big amount of chewed and torn apart toilet paper, plats being knocked over and of course your water cup in tiny tiny pieces,and what do we do? We stare into their absolutely adorable angel eyes and everything it’s forgotten.

Cats: 5 crazy reasons why they are just like babies

4. Cats don’t understand the concept of personal space

Although they tend to get mad when we hogg hem for too much time and demand freedom, cats won’t just leave us alone . They always remind me of some needy brats who can’t live without your 24/7 attention. Sometimes cats will just jump on your back from a shelf when you least expect it like a surprise attack, will demand snuggles when you are trying to finish that important essay, lick your sit on your face when you’re taking a nap an following you to the bathroom while asking to be petted.

5. They are picky eaters

No matter how expensive their food is (and most of the times their meals cost more than ours) they won’t touch it if it doesn’t suit their taste. And half an hour later you see them munching on some leftovers fish bones from the trash bin..I have to confess I will never understand them.

Even if many people often claim that cats are really independent and don’t care about you, in truth they are really loving creatures. Cats love being around you and when the feelings are mutual, they won’t stop seeking your attention. That’s when you truly know you are a cat parent.

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