Catalan metal bands, a quick guide for our fellow metal-heads!



Have you ever heard of the Catalan language? It’s an occitano-romance language, spoken in the Iberian Peninsula. Maybe some of you heard of it, but did you ever consider listening to Catalan metal bands? Just like a lot of you, I’ve never heard of this language until last year. I ended up studying it as my college minor back then. And oh boy, I’ve learned to love this language, culture and its history so much through metal music. So, in this article I want to tell you about some of my favorite Catalan metal bands and songs!


MorphiuM, a metal band that has the support of LLULL!

Institute Ramon Llull is one of the most important institutes that promote the Catalan language, culture and traditions. And guess what? They also support MorphiuM! Their post-apocalyptic influences, the really melodic instrumental and powerful vocals (and vice versa) are inviting, almost tempting us into listening to them. My absolute favorite songs from them have to be Made of Scars and Sin Sentido. I just adore how well they combine the extremely melodic synthesizer with industrial metal influences. They sing in Catalan, Spanish and English, so you can pick and choose whatever tickles your fancy!

Forja, the folk metal band that helped me with my Catalan History exams

Believe it or not, some of this band’s songs helped me passing my Catalan history exam! How? Well, a lot of their songs are inspired by the actual history of the Catalan people. They sing history with their guitars and real facts with their voices. The historical events, such as battles, revolts and socio-political movements were much easier to remember. For example, one of my favorite songs from Forja is Muret, inspired by the Battle of Muret from September 12th 1213! Even their band logo contains El Llibre dels Feyts, a chronicle dating back to 14th century. Also, Infancia is one of their best songs!

SIROLL! The classic type of death/thrash metal band

The strong, raw vocals and screamos, the unfiltered guitars that make you jump out of bed, all of this is SIROLL! It’s a pretty classic metal band, with lyrical themes involving political and personal issues. Songs such as Tu Mateix, Doble o Res or Hòsties are just a few of their iconic works that I simply love! Their songs always give me energy, their powerful lyrics and instrumentals are electrifying. If you are a fan of death/thrash metal, you should try and listen to some of theirs songs!

Final thoughts?

Catalan may not be the most known language, yet it holds such interesting culture and history. I could talk on and on about the reasons why I love this language so much, the music, art, history and cuisine, but most importantly, about how the metal bands. Each country, language and culture are different, yet for me Catalan holds a special place in my heart. I’d love to tell all of you a joke about metal music, but ME TALking so much about this subject may be tiring to some of you, so I will end it here for today.


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