Castlevania (2017) – an incredible Netflix original animated show


Most people associate animated shows with children, and as a result animation isn’t always taken seriously as a medium, but the assumption that cartoons are only for kids can’t be any farther from the truth when it comes to Castlevania (2017), a riveting cartoon about the consequences of the tragic love between Dracula and a mortal woman.

The animation is gorgeous

When we think of adult cartoons, what usually comes to mind is irreverent sitcoms with art styles that aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. But Castlevania does none of that; the artists at Powerhouse Animation have clearly put a lot of effort into making this show a pleasure to watch, drawing a lot of inspiration from anime and manga. There are many absolutely stunning stills you can admire any time you pause the show.


The humor is top notch

It doesn’t take away from the serious tone of the show at all. In fact, it complements it. After watching scenes full of bloodshed and tragedy, you can have a laugh at the magician Sypha’s sassy remarks towards Trevor the monster hunter, at Dracula’s generals bickering about whether vampires can cross running water during a war meeting, or at the boorish Viking vampire who makes you wonder what he is even doing in Dracula’s council.

However, you might not like Castlevania if…

You’re squeamish

Naturally, this show centered on vampires is full of gore and violence. There are many fights, and they often get nasty – really nasty. In addition to that, the third season features some suggestive scenes and conversations. For these reasons Castlevania is completely inappropriate for people under the age of 18 to watch.


If you get emotionally attached to your favorite characters

The narrative is merciless towards the characters in the show. Many of the heroes get kicked when they’re down and their old fears and struggles come back at them with a vengeance. Most of the important characters are broken in some way or another; even the plucky and powerful mage Sypha has had to leave her family behind against her wishes. Without giving any spoilers, Dracula’s son and one of his human generals seem to be the writers’ favorite punching bags!


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