3 cars that have not disappointed over the years

3 cars that have not disappointed over the years

We have car brands that compete every day to outdo each other and to prove that they are better and that they catch the public faster than someone else.

But which brands have really managed to keep a coherent wave and a good course in trading old cars in new ones?

Bellow, I will give you some examples of my top favorite cars that have not disappointed me over the years.

1. Ford Mustang

This is a collection car that many would like to have. Of course, I’m talking about the old mustang with which Ford managed to reach people’s hearts: Ford Mustang 1950 gt.

It’s a classic you don’t see much nowadays. But I think that Ford has managed to transform the mustang very nicely nowadays, keeping the same shape and appearance of an aggressive car with a reputation behind it, which requires certain respect.

Of course, it has been adapted to the future, to the age of technology, to people’s preferences and unfortunately, nowadays no cars are made on the old models. I think Ford has done an excellent job with the Mustang from 2020: Ford Mustang gt500

Ford Mustang has a past of cars that are worth watching because they are extremely beautiful and have tried to keep this impression until now.

2. Audi

It is a common car company that everyone knows but unfortunately, is known only for new models.

Audi has proven that it has done a very good job over the years with cars, coming up with innovative ideas and entering the hearts of as many people as possible. But does everyone know the debut car from Audi?

This company was launched with the wonderful Audi in 1980 which was quickly forgotten by the population, thanks to the brand’s new advanced models.

It is a model that I would like to own if I had the opportunity. The Audi 1980 shows how great was the potential of the people behind the Audi brand.

Unfortunately, there is not much talk about it because people are not interested in their debut model, but I can not help but understand them as long as Audi has created a line of spectacular cars such as the newest models: Audi RS8, Audi QRS7.

It is a brand that has managed from now on not to be demolished by anyone and that will keep its course very nice.

3. Ferrari 

Ferrari is a brand loved by everyone and the desire of as many people as possible, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford it.

Of course, everyone knows the Ferrari cars and hunts them around the cities to study them closely.

I believe that Ferrari is a brand that has not disappointed and will never disappoint, especially through the fame it has created and the imagination it shows.

They have famous cars with which they have been noted as Ferrari 1970, 1980, F40, which car collectors are looking to buy even on these days.

The creators have outdone themselves and every year they launch a car worthy of their company that has never disappointed. Their latest models as Ferrari Spider, Stradale, Portofino, are the best examples that the creators will never stop and that each model released will leave us speechless.

I hope you resonate with my opinions and I hope that one day we can all afford a garage with collectible cars.


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