Career outlook:  Is there a possible red herring in your professional choice?

  • Career – Indeed A Constant Social Pressure?

Nowadays career is of the utmost importance when it comes to determining whether one has success or not. Almost everyone is subjected to this very social pressure of choosing a fancy professional life. Be it suitable or out of expertise, moving up the career ladder is a must.

  • Is the Familial Background an Influential Factor?

First of all, in most of the cases there is the familial background to be regarded. Young adults have this tendency of keeping up with their role models – their parents. Parents protrude the offspring in their artificially- created worlds where only their precise expertise  applies. Everybody has encountered brimful generations of doctors, magistrates or politicians. Nevertheless one has to step forward and look over the fence because this approach is totally leading to a wrong path. So, should not I become doctor? ‘Yes’, totally, if this professional frame does fit you. ‘No’ if it is all about all the external factors summing your family, peers, social status or compensation. They are secondary in the big schema, coming just to round up extra advantages and nothing more.


  • A Blend of Non-Related Skills

Quite a lot of people have completely different aptitudes, competences in contrast to their actual career: doctors who paint or write, custodians who sing or even engineers with pedagogical endowment. Offbeat combinations, right? However, there are such situations, but the targeted individuals do not work in the field. Now the question is: why? Money plays a significant role. According to the current social norms, artists are not much noteworthy. They are simply peripheral, part of the society ‘leisure time’ agenda for special events, still not adequately financed or supported.  Precisely for this reason, humans hold with the untroublesome side. Furthermore, the impetuous status- image has the final touch: how the others look at you, the never-ending problem of hierarchy, the pose of an higher position.


  • Does a Wrong Professional Path Affect You?

All together, one should not disconsider the consequences of the misleading professional process. Psychologically speaking, the effects could be pretty damaging: cumulative stress, frustrations, disorder or imbalance, even depression in some serious circumstances. People come to be discontent with their way of existence. As a consequence, the professional performance could seriously decline, bringing crummy results.

  • All About Your Personal Decisions

Settling on a carrer will at no time be a cinch. Nevertheless, each of us has to face this inevitable situation, depending on the manner of handling it: getting the cat by the tail or living in your shadow. Carefully put in personal imput otherwise, your whole life can turn into a drudgery carried away by bleakness.


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