Cara Delevingne is reportedly dating Halsey

cara and halsey are dating

The 28-year-old model and the 25-year-old singer are reportedly dating after their exes, Ashley Benson and G-Eazy, began dating. Cara, 28, has broken up with her girlfriend of 2 years, Ashley Benson, in April while Halsey, 25, has been linked to Yungblud and Evan Peters since her break-up with G-Eazy in 2018.

Complicated Love Triangle

cara delevingne and halsey are dating

Halsey previously dated G-Eazy, 31, but they separated following speculation that he had cheated on her, and the pair have continued to throw jabs at each other through their music. Following his split from Halsey, the rapper was previously linked to Yasmin Wijnaldum and Megan Thee Stallion.  Just weeks after her breakup from Cara, the public sees him out with Ashley. And while Ashley and G-Eazy have been pictured packing on the PDA in recent weeks, it seems 28-year-old Cara and 25-year-old Halsey have also been dating behind the scenes.

Keeping it ‘casual’ and ‘fun’

While they’ve been photographed at events together before, and Cara was featured in Halsey’s ‘Nightmare’ music video, it appears that the Coronavirus helped them push the boundaries of their friendship. ‘They’re usually so busy and flying around the world. But as they’ve been stuck in LA in recent months, it’s given them a chance to see each other,’ the insider told The Sun.

A source said: ‘It’s all very casual and just a bit of fun. Neither of them are particularly keen to settle down and they’re fine about seeing other people. They’ve both been very open about their sexuality and just want to enjoy themselves. So they’re both on the same wavelength.’

The funny ways of life

The same sources added that Cara and Halsey find it funny that their exes are also an item: ‘It’s actually just funny to them that their exes are dating now. And there’s no hard feelings’.

To complicate things even further, Halsey’s real name is actually Ashley, the same name as Cara’s ex/G-Eazy’s current girlfriend.

Their sexuality

The Closer singer of 25-year-old is bisexual. Halsey has broken down the stereotypes and bisexual erasure on social media. She once tweeted: ‘So if I’m dating a guy I’m straight, and if I date a woman, I’m a lesbian. The only way to be a #True bisexual is to date 2 people at once.’

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old model is a vocal member of the LGBTQ+ community. Earlier this year, Cara shared that she identifies as pansexual. Speaking to Variety, the Suicide Squad actress said: ‘I always will remain, I think, pansexual. However one defines themselves, whether it’s “they” or “he” or “she”, I fall in love with the person. And that’s that. It’s the person that attracts me.’

And Cara will explore sexual and gender identity in a new six-part docuseries called Planet Sex . The documentaries will see the model exploring experiments taking place in ‘sex labs’. And she will visit ‘communities who experience gender and sexuality very differently’.

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