Capsule wardrobe: why you should consider it

Capsule wardrobe:what it is and why you should consider it

Capsule wardrobe is a term used in American publications from 1940,that means a small collection of qualitative clothes,in which all the elements of clothing complement eachother,in order for us to match them easier and quicker.This kind of wardrobe contains pretty much all the basics of clothing,that cannot get out of style,a small collection of useful clothing that you love.

With all these new fashion trends that come and go,we may find it extremely difficult to implement some kind of style into our busy lifes.Life is full of activities,work,school,and maybe we do not have all the time in the world to plan an outfit every single day.Here is where this arrangement of your closet comes in and helps you.

Why is this helpful?

Capsule wardrobe:what it is and why you should consider it

It saves you a lot of time

If you know your style and preferences,by having a capsule closet,you do not have to waste time by choosing what outfit to make every single day because it is all right there in front of you.

It saves you money

As I said earlier,by knowing your style,what kind of clothes you are  most comfortable in and what suits you best,you just have to get used to buying things that can be worn with other colors,that can be worn more times,that you will end up wearing regularly.

Getting started

Firstly you will need to choose a color scheme that works best for you. Find the pattern of colour that best matches your style.Even though,by having a closet with neutral colors,like black,white,cream,grey,navy,will make them match easily,you can add some colors that fit your style,some accent colors,and match them together.

You need to discover what clothes compliment your body type better,what makes you feel comfortable.Get rid of old clothes,that do not fit you anymore,that you have not worn for over a year and make some space in your closet for the clothes you own that you actually like,that fit you and the color scheme that you chose for your capsule closet.

You need to also consider the weather in the area you live in,and arrange your capsule wardrobe by paying attention to that,and also by paying attention to the activities you have to attend to.

What do you need in your capsule wardrobe?

You need a few tops,pants,skirts,dresses and shoes,not too many,that have the colors you chose,that ultimately compliment eachother in different ways,creating different outfits.

There is no need to set a strict number,but you can get around 50 or fewer pieces,so that you can start easier.

Focus on a few simple and basic pieces and then add accents,depending on your personal style.

For example,a basic white top,a black one,one denim jacket,one leather jacket,black boots,black dress,black skirt,grey pants,a pair of comfortable jeans and a black bag can be implemented.There are a lot of ways of combining these few items for a few days,especially if you add your signature by adding accesories that you love.

Capsule wardrobe:what it is and why you should consider it

Try doing this for a little while,see how well you adapt to it,and maybe,in time you will not be able to arrange your closet otherwise.


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