Canada under lockdown! Trudeau limits access to the country

Canada under lockdown

Canada is under lockdown! People that are not Canadian Citizens or permanent residents will not be permitted to enter the country. The measure was announced by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; he also stated that the restrictions will take effect on Wednesday. Airlines will be required to bar people from flights if they show any symptoms of being contaminated with COVID-19.

Only Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver airports will be allowed to accept international flights. Air crews, diplomats, immediate family of Canadian citizens and US citizens will be exempted from the lockdown.

When asked why he was making an exception for the United States, Trudeau said that the two countries (Canada and the US) are economically integrated and that he was acting in coordination with US authorities to limit the spread of the virus.

”If you are abroad, it is time for you to come home”, announced the Prime Minister from his home in Ottawa. Right now, he is in self-isolation after his wife tested positive for the coronavirus late last week.


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