Canada: 6 places that are worth visiting


Canada has everything a tourist could want, plus much more than they could ever imagine. Variety is the spice of life, so for those looking for a vacation with a difference for the summer of 2021, then a trip to Canada is an absolute must.

A few things about Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, its territory being organized like a federal state, in ten provinces and three territories.

Welcoming atmosphere, vibrant cities and stunning scenery – these are just some of Canada’s strengths. The largest country in North America, it is a huge land, with spectacular coastlines, majestic mountains, spacious prairies, beautiful forests and special Arctic tundra. Canada offers tourists hundreds, if not dozens of amazing places worth visiting at least once in their lifetime. Today we will stop at only 6 of them, which not only offer extraordinary landscapes, but are also among the most spectacular places on Earth.

1.Niagara Falls

The most famous natural attraction in Canada, the majestic waterfalls of Niagara, was the discovery of visitors close to its discovery. The great wall of water falling over the falls is an amazing view, and the view and access offered to visitors is amazing. You can literally walk to the edge of the falls, separated only by a cast iron railing and see the water disappear over the ridge.

The city that developed here, also called Niagara Falls, was strongly influenced by the people and the atmosphere that the camels created. Stuntmen and daredevils have been trying their luck on the falls over the decades, and as a result, a carnival atmosphere has come to define this unique city. Just a short drive from Toronto, Niagara Falls is easy to get to, and the city is a fun place to spend a day or two.


For its beauty, climate, pleasant atmosphere and lots of things to do, you can’t go wrong in planning a trip to Vancouver. Situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and backed by snow-capped mountains, this is an active city, where locals enjoy a year-round outdoor atmosphere. Sunbathing can be done on the beach in summer, and skiers can hit nearby streams in winter.

At any time of the year you can stroll or stroll through the old trees of Stanley Park, enjoy a fine meal or an occasional meal while watching the sunset or find fabulous shopping at Granville Island. If you spend more than a few days in the city and are looking for some interesting trips, take a day trip from Vancouver to some of the nearby hotspots, such as Whistler, Victoria or a few small mountain towns or Fraser Valley.


As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is home to several outstanding national museums and historic sites, as well as Parliament Hill, and enjoys a beautiful setting along the Rideau Canal. It is also a small town, making it easy to navigate and fun to explore. Summer is a wonderful time to visit, with a whole host of events throughout the season, including the Spring Tulip Festival and Canada’s famous July 1st celebrations. In winter, when the weather is quite cold, the canal turns into a 7.8-kilometer ice rink, and in February, the winter holidays attract huge crowds. It’s not an unpleasant time to visit Ottawa, and it’s only a few hours by car or train from Toronto.


Montreal is a unique city with an old historic district dating back to the 1600s and a modern city center with extensive underground shopping. Old Montreal is the main tourist hub, with cobbled streets, fantastic old buildings and horse-drawn carts all year round. Montreal is also home to a large number of fashion designers, and high-end boutiques line historic streets with quaint hotels and restaurants. Located in the French-speaking province of Québec, Montreal has its own cultural identity, but English-speaking visitors will have no problem communicating with anyone in the tourism industry.

5.Quebec City

Like Montreal, Quebec City is steeped in history and located in the French-speaking province of Quebec. It is the capital of the province and a city with a history dating back to the early 1600s. Old buildings and curved cobbled streets make it one of Canada’s most charming capital cities. One-third the size of Montreal, Quebec City is also relatively small and easy to navigate. While summer is the busiest season, the famous winter carnival, Carnaval de Québec, attracts many crowds and is the city’s most famous event.


Canada’s largest city, Toronto is the country’s cultural highlight, with ballet, opera, symphony and Broadway performances. Add great shopping, fine food and fantastic museums, and there is no end to entertainment.

In recent years, Toronto’s waterfront has continued to grow and now has beautiful walking areas, restaurants, and in the summer, outdoor concerts and cultural performances. Just outside the city center, in every direction of the city, there are beautiful beaches, perfect on hot summer days. In the winter, a public skating rink comes to life outside the town hall and unique winter events, including the popular Winterlicious ones, add to the fun.


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