Bunny, the talking dog of Tiktok and her amazing talent

This talking dog and her owner are showcasing their amazing talent on Tiktok. We’ve all dreamt at least once of being able to talk to our pets. This wish came true for this Tiktok dog owner. Sharing thoughts, talking and finding out what they actually think of you. Or maybe just reasoning with them why they shouldn’t chew the furniture or bark every time they hear the doorbell ring.
All of this might seem impossible, but there’s one dog who proves us that this ideal might soon become a reality. Her name is Bunny. She and her owner Alexis Devine rapidly gained popularity on Tiktok. Her fascinating ability to ‘talk’ has gained her over 5 million followers. Soon, parodies and existential jokes started taking all over social media.
For more videos of Bunny talking you can check @what_about_bunny on Tiktok.

Bunny: Bringing you existential content since dogs could talk #bunnythedog #talkingdog #fypシ #aac #WeekendVibes #doggos

♬ original sound – I am Bunny


Of course, we know that dogs can’t actually speak. So how does she do it?
Bunny uses a selection of buttons with prerecorded words which she presses. Many people are sceptical about her ability. Does she press the buttons of her own accord, with an intention of her own, or was she trained to press buttons on command?
It turns out Bunny does all of this on her own. She was taught through small reinforcements what each button means. The first word that she learned was ‘outside’. The button was placed by the door, and soon Bunny started to understand that each time the button was pushed, she would be allowed to go outside.
She is a very fast learner  In just a few weeks she caught on and started interacting with the buttons regularly.


Initially, the owner, Alexis Devine, was interested in teaching Bunny how to express pain, an idea which might contribute to improving veterinary care.
The dog currently knows around 70 words and phrases like ‘happy’, ‘water’ and ‘outside’. Most impressive of all though are her use of words like ‘now’, ‘morning’ and ‘afternoon’. Scientists considered it impossible before for a dog to understand the concept of time. But Bunny has managed to learn how to use these words to refer to past, present and future events, leaving scientists amazed with her talent.
Bunny is now part of a research study, which aims to understand how dogs perceive language, at the Comparative Cognition Lab, University of California, San Diego.
The study is an open one, which means anyone can join and contribute by teaching their dogs how to talk through these buttons.


More and more people are starting to teach their dogs how to communicate through buttons. They are also sharing their journey on Tiktok.

A few of them are :

  1. casper_borderaussie – Casper can be very persistent when he wants something and will press buttons repeatedly until his demands are met;
  2. pollythetalkingdog – Polly, a drama queen who hates cucumbers with a great passion;


    Once a drama queen, always a drama queen 👸🏻 #throwback #8weeksold #canineaac #aac #talkingdog #beforeshecouldtalk #dramaqueen

    ♬ original sound – Polly Brown

  3. tai_tai_talks – Tai is a very demanding dog who loves chasing and kissing lizards;
  4. flambothedog – Flambo, a smart service dog with a talent for shaking his fluffy bum;
These are just a few examples. There are many more lovely talking dogs out there who are posting videos and sharing their talent. If you want to see more similar videos you can search the hashtag ‘talking dog’ on Tiktok.


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