Bullying: a 9 year old boy with suicidal thoughts


Bullying, did you hear? Did you learn at school about it? Have you been through this? I’ve seen many times people who are ready to help other people and especially kids who are treated in that way. Phone numbers, help centers, counseling. I speak only about you, bullies. When will you stop, good people?!

Because, in essence, this is what you are, the ones who assault verbally their school mates or the kids from the neighborhood, you are criminals. And, for the parents, my good people, if bullying wouldn’t be the crime of this century, then depressions wouldn’t be this century’s disease!

Teach your kids what respect and kindness are, stop this kind of behavior from the first manifestation.

I read an article about a 9 years old boy, born with Achondroplasia, a form of Dwarfism ( a disease that forces people to stay short). His mother was desperate because her kid was the perfect victim of bullying at school, where girls treated him like a little dog and made fun of his size.

The kid was so hurt, that even from the age of six when his grandfather died he had suicidal thoughts. Even after this event that his mother made public on the internet to show to the world the effects of bullying, the kid was still saying that he wants to die.

I ask you, the ones who practice this hobby named bullying, do you know how it’s like to have suicidal thoughts?

Do you know how vulnerable you have to become to have the intention of resorting to a permanent solution for temporary problems? I tell you, you don’t know! You don’t know how is it to fight with the demons inside your head, that always tells you “ it would be so simple to escape, but…”. If you would die.

Imagine how it would be to have all these thoughts in your head for a single day, just for a single day!! The world would be a better place without you. Everyone hates you anyway, everybody makes fun of you. No one loves you, no one likes you, no one wants to be your friend because you are different. You don’t matter. Why should you be still alive? – These and many others can be the thoughts of a person who thinks about suicide.

So I ask you, bullies, how much would you resist to fight with the demons of suicide and depression?

Maybe this will make you realize what you do to others for fun! Parents, maybe it makes you reflect on how you educate your kids! Stop raising bullies in order for victims to stop existing anymore.

The world is made for love, friendship, happiness. Teach your kids these three things, so they won’t be bullies. If the people would be taught to think first about other’s feelings more than about his fun, suicide wouldn’t be a global problem.

Did we end it up having 6-9 years old kids who think about suicide?

Do you reflect even a little bit on this? You don’t know what is in the mind of a man who thinks about this. Once this murder thought is in your mind, it stays with you forever. It haunts you. It tries to convince you, to turn you back in the dark, where no one will help you.

And if today I’ve seen a case in which a 9-year-old kid said that he has these thoughts, teenagers or 12-14-year-old kids won’t tell these things so easy. The more you grow, the more you become a victim. You will be more vulnerable and you will put up walls bigger and bigger around you to protect yourself.

Those ghosts of depression and suicide will stop you from asking for help ”they don’t care, do you remember?”

You will never know if the person next to you is struggling inside. If she/he opens in front of you, if she/he says what is happening with her/him and asks for help, she/he already won a fight in the war. But we aren’t all warriors, are we? So what should we do with the ones who are struggling alone? I tell you, we do nothing.

We have to observe the symptoms, that too few people fail to do. These people have to ask for help. But we can do something against the bullies.

Don’t raise bullies anymore!

Raise humans! Humans who know what love, appreciation and caring for other people are. The differences aren’t supposed to transform kids into victims. They’re supposed to make them special. Once the bullies disappear, victims will disappear too!

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