Budget friendly bathing suits – 3 places where you can get them

Budget friendly bathing suits
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Summer is coming up, and so are beach vacations. It can sometimes be hard to find bathing suits that are both pretty and good quality and that won’t break the bank. Here are a few stores you need to check out if you’re on the look for budget friendly options for the beach:


Oysho is one of my favorite stores, not only because their clothes aren’t very expensive, but also because they’re very high quality. They mainly sell things like pajamas and lingerie, but they also have a wide range of athleisure wear and bathing suits. Their swimwear is both comfortable and flattering, but the one thing that I dislike about it is that it doesn’t come in a very inclusive size range.


H&M is one of the most popular clothing brands there are today, which is, in part, due to the fact that their clothes are both inexpensive and good quality, not to mention that they come in a wide range of sizes and prints. The same is true for their swimwear line. They have plenty of bikini and full bathing suits options to choose from, and there are plenty of plus size options as well.

Source: Unsplash


Although it’s an exclusively online store, Asos is very popular due to the sheer amount of products it has available. Asos Design, their original brand, offers a lot of great swimsuits that usually cost around €40, but they also have a lot of other brands you can choose from. Currently with about 6,500 options to choose from, it’s unlikely that you won’t find something to suit your tastes on the Asos website.



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