Bucharest – The European Capital of Romania and graffiti too


According to Jeffrey Deitch, former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MOCA), well-known art dealer and trustee: „After pop art, graffiti is probably the largest art movement in recent history that has had a major impact on culture”. As some of you may already know, Street art is a form of artwork that consists of the detachment from the ordinary life through graffiti. Some would say vandalism. Graffiti appeared for the first time in Bucharest, Romania after the Revolution in 1989. It quickly grew to be recognized by the neighboring countries.

          The beauty of graffiti

Most local artists practicing graffiti art claim that paint must flow through veins instead of blood. They often face both logistical and social problems and legal bills. As one of the most famous graffers in Gorj, known as Jups, would say: First of all if it is not hobby, you don’t call it graffiti... But if you want to live with it you can make it easy. I personally can choose my customers based on my work, or vice versa. He also claims that the beauty of graffiti consists of developing every project as a way to express your own thoughts and feelings towards every little thing that it is encountered in life. Money does not represent a purpose to any of the graffers. However, if they could choose something that they could do forever, graffiti would be it.

          Graffiti in Romania

Although Romania is known as a conformist country, it is recognized throughout the entire Europe for its free expression through graffiti. The first street art festival in Bucharest was held in 2018, under the name of Outline. The most famous graffers brought to life two thermal power stations and two blocks.


We can find the newest and the freshest graffiti in the Berceni neighourhood from Bucharest. It consists of a wall completely covered by paint, hence the name of Berceni Wall.


The next artwork is Sleeping beauty in the Mother’s Garden. It points out the issue of corruption. Bird of Freedom Paradise is the next one. Project Murales para la Libertad of the Spanish embassies in Budapest, Sofia and Bucharest created it.


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