Bruges – the prettiest town in Europe


I’ve visited many cities and towns around the world in my (almost) 25 years of existence. I am not going to lie, the most beautiful and impressive places are in the United States. However, there is one city in Europe that really stood out for me. Just when I thought that all European cities that I had visited are pretty much the same and have the same vibe, Bruges made me change my mind and declare it the prettiest town ever.

And now that things with Coronavirus are becoming more relaxed, you might consider this pretty city as your next travel destination.

The first thing that struck me was – of course – the first impression. It matters, right? As soon as I started wandering on Bruges streets, I felt a completely different vibe from the rest of the European cities that I had visited before. I think it was due to the paved, narrow streets and the colorful, tiny houses, made of stone. Sure, other cities have these as well, like Prague, Vienna or Paris, for example. But Bruges looked so well taken care of, so well conserved. With all those vibrant colors, it was like time had not left a mark on it. Buildings were not deteriorated, and everything seemed freshly painted.


What I visited

Since I am not a big fan of museums and churches and other typical tourist attractions – I’d rather walk a whole day wherever my feet take me – I decided to make the most of my day spent in Bruges by taking the boat ride. This allowed me to see almost the whole city and catch its unique essence. And it was the best decision ever. Not only was it very romantic, but it was also educating. The boat driver would tell us stories about the places and buildings we were passing by. I will let the photos speak by themselves:

However, if you are a fan of tourist attractions, there are plenty in Bruges. For example, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Groeninge Museum, or Church of Our Lady.


What I ate

Every time I go to a new place, I like to try something new, whether we’re talking about a new dish, a new drink or a new experience. Bruges was no exception, of course. We found a nice restaurant in the main square (I don’t remember the name, unfortunately) and, for the first time, I ate escargots. I would say “snails”, but it sounds fancier in French. They were delicious, although their taste wasn’t impressive, they tasted almost like chicken. I also got myself a beer in a huge glass.

For dessert, I opted for the famous street waffles and for some pistachio cakes (which were too sweet). Fun fact: I dropped the waffles immediately after buying them and I had to buy them again. Typical for me! The poor girl that was working there had to clean the pavement after me.


I hope I made you curious about Bruges and I spread a little bit of that pretty vibe with you. I really believe that “pretty” is the word that describes this town best. Bruges is, indeed, the prettiest town in Europe for me.



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