Bridging the generation gap

the generation gap
the generation gap

What does one understand when hearing the word “difference”?

Opinions vary, and the distinctions are many and classified by a lot of criteria. The generation gap – the wall that some don’t want to tear down!

Maybe the biggest difference is the one between generations. The fact that generations judge each other doesn’t make either of them superior. But let’s see things from the perspective of newer generations. When we say “generation gap”, we think about parents and their kids. Any human who reached some age inevitably starts looking back.

These distinctions are based on the way they lived and the way we live.

It’s normal and natural for things to not be the same as they were when you were a kid. Things and habits change with the passing of time.

Today’s generation is free to search for any information with a simple click, while the last had to go to a library. Yes, you grew in a medium with reduced technology and you enjoyed playing outside. But take notice of what I’m saying: who teaches them technology since their birth? I assure you that these kids only discover minor things. But, yes, superior generations give them tablets and phones ever since they’re small. And then, everyone asks why are the younger folks so dependent?

Like grandparents and parents would say, this generation is “privileged”. This is the main reason for conflict between generations. The last generation is more strict and limited regarding the expression of personality.

Each generation has its beauty.

There will never be good or bad generations because each one will see the world in a different light. Their perspectives won’t ever be the same as the ones of the newer generations. But this is something beautiful as long as you’re open-minded. We should open our eyes and see the beauty that hides behind all our dissatisfaction. There are a lot of differences regarding this subject.

Parents have a different way of analyzing various subjects and conversations. In reality, the parent-child relationship suffered a lot of change as time passed. Parents became a lot more understanding of their children but lost respect. In the past, there was more respect but less friendship.

Put yourself in their shoes, and you realize that you were once like them.

We’re all human, we have our own imagination and can think for ourselves. The best thing is to explore ourselves, get to know ourselves, and, most importantly, want to get to know what’s new. A thing that every person wanted when they were part of the “new generation” was to be able to dream and reach where they wanted, even though they were brought down by failure. Even the superior generations had dreams, hopes, lived through different emotions and feelings.

There are a lot of differences if we think about it. But time has the biggest impact. Parents have another way of dealing with some subjects or conversations. Some just don’t have the patience or will to listen to their kids. It’s ironic if we think about it.

We try to talk about our problems and ask for help but receive negative feedback, and then adults ask themselves why their kids went in the wrong direction.

I’ll give you the answer: because you don’t allocate at least half an hour to listen to them. Putting yourself in their shoes, you’d realize you were once like them. It’s true that we still judge each other, but we need to learn to accept each other as well. We can’t understand how they lived, and they don’t understand how we’re living. The way of life is different, but there are common things if only we would search for them.

When you realize that we’re people, and people aren’t perfect, you’ll live more happily.

So, is the generation gap really an issue? If you want to read more about this subject, we recommend you this article!

Authors: Georgiana Fratiloiu and Lorena Moldovan



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